Sunday, June 10, 2007


These are the adventures of
Sherry and Roxann

(isn't that the most AWESOME was a self-portrait!)

So...on Friday, we watched tv in bed all morning and then spent the afternoon in the pool. Due to the children being there....I did not bring the camera out to the pool. For the record, the water was freezing, but we very much enjoyed laying out by the pool!!!

On Saturday, Big Daddy was on kid duty and the Mommies went out with a LONG to-do list!!!!

First we hit the local scrapbook store so Sherry could check it out and so we could take advantage of a Buy 10, Get 5 FREE Sale on Bazzill cardstock! Awesome!!!

<----Here's Sherry matching color to the prints we bought at Archiver's.

So, I walk in and near the front door, what do I spot?!

MORE ...... Love, Elsie!!!!

Now, I know your thinking...hmmm, that's not surprising. Well, actually
IT IS!!!!!

You see.....if you remember, this is the lss that I unfairly was screwed over at regarding a job.

(no, I'm not bitter....really)

So, anyway, not long after I got to town and after I began trying to get a job at this lss....I inquired with the owner whether or not she was getting the entire Love, Elsie line. When I asked her...I was shocked by her response.
She said, "Who's Elsie??"

Excuse Me?!!!

Who's Elsie? Are you kidding me?

So, I kindly replied, "You've never heard of Elsie Flannigan?!" Her: nope. "Well, Elsie Flannigan is one of the most up-in-coming, hip, hot designer and scrapbook artists right now. You've never seen her book?" Her: what book? "Her book 52 Scrapbooking Challanges." Her: nope, never heard of it.

Me: seriously floored!!

How can she be a store owner and not know who Elsie Flannigan is?! (I think somewhere during this conversation she realized that I would be a good hire...that I know stuff and I could be useful to them.)

So, when I saw an entire rack of the Love, Elsie stuff....I started cracking up!!!! I knew that the only reason they had this was because of ME!!!!
(and I bought mine at Archiver's!!! Ha ha ha!!!!)

And she tells me they only got a partial order...just this one line. The rest is coming soon!!!!!
(probably because they didn't order until SUPER LATE.....after I told them about it!!!!

After we finished our shopping, we decided to get some lunch. We went to a new place called Red Robin.

<----It was cool! They had a tv IN the floor right inside the door, right below this:

This should have been my first clue of what was to happen to me a later, after we finished our hamburgers!

These are the BIGGEST hamburgers I have ever seen at a restaurant. So, of course, we had to take a silly picture! (even w/ my big mouth....this thing was wayyyyy too big!)

And they even had this SUPER YUMMY sauce for the steak fries called Campfire Sauce. O my gosh, was it delish!!! (it's a bbq sauce and mayo mixture)

So, anyway, after we finished, we were sitting there and I was wondering where our cutie waiter was......and I look over and here they come! All I could say was, "Oh, crap!" But they were already on their way over!

So, they sang. They tied balloons on my head, like giant pink/yellow ears.

I was embarrassed.

But, I got a fudge sundae, so I was happy.

So, wanna guess where our adventures took us after lunch?!?

The CASINO!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Sherry and I both must have the "gambling" gene. It's really hard for me to stop, especially if I am having good luck! Sherry says that she loves the kids game where you put tokens in and try to knock the tokens off the shelf and win them. She says she'll blow thru tokens and be beggin' Doug to buy her more! She just can't stop.

So, we both agreed, we'd only go in with a set amount of money and NO MORE. We didn't take the ATM cards, credit cards or anything else. In advance, we had agreed on $30. Well, the cash we had, turned out to be $26.00 that's what we took.

So, we head towards the door both of us excited!!!

So the security guards at the door? We got ID'd!!!!
Hilarious!!! I am going to be
38 in 2 days (3 days, then) and WE got ID'd!!!!

So we got inside and Sherry was in AWE! She had never seen anything like it!!! When we saw the cash machines, they had stickers that said... "Got a gambling problem? Need help? Call 1-800-gambler." We cracked up! (i know, i's not funny! But, I seriously thought about programming it into my phone just in case!)

She couldn't believe that all the drinks were free. They have waitresses who bring you drinks or a soda fountain where you can get all you want! The only drawback at the casino...the cigarette smoke.

We decided to do slots first. Since I have some experience, Sherry wanted me to go first. We walked around until I found my FAVORITE slot machine called Haywire! It's such a blast!! And within about 20 minutes....I had gone from $26 to $54!!! Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately the Slot Machine wasn't quite as nice to Sherry. It continued to unfairly steal her money. Meanie machine!!!

We decided to take a break and walk around and check things out. Then...we found the ROULETTE WHEEL. Now, I have to tell you....I absolutely love the ROULETTE WHEEL!!! Sherry was intrigued, but a little apprehensive, so she wanted to watch me play. Well, I managed to win, win and WIN some more! Yea, ME!!! I played about 2 hours and ended up with about $180. But, I kept playing. (like an idiot!) But, I made a goal in my head that I wouldn't go below $100, so I walked away with that! (still pretty good...doubled my money two separate times!!!)

It was soooo fun!!!! (Even Sherry had fun enjoying my win!)

All in all, we had an excellent visit. I was so happy to have these days together...I have missed Sherry so much! I am so glad we have remained close! I hope I get to see her again real soon!!!! Thanks for coming, Sherry!!! I love ya!

(Ironically....we did not stamp AT ALL!!! And that's what we do!! We played with all the stuff we bought and I finished a page I was working on before Sherry got here!)


karen said...

Oh my gosh- I had so much fun just reading that! I am so glad your visit together was able to yank you right out of your loneliness...and it made me realize just how lonely I am!

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Holy Freakin Cow!! Girls you are having way too much fun!! Doubled you money, not once, but TWICE! And I noticed many many many different colors of cardstock. (Jamie did you catch that!!) Incredible!! and Oh Man......thanks for making me hungry with that hamburger. Ughhh. You make dieting Hellish!! But I'm so happy to see you having a great time! Luv Ya Darlin!!

Nikki said...

It is so great hearing how much fun you had! And awesome job on winning! I totally love Red Robin too! There's one near my sister in Cleveland - I'm so jealous when they tell me they've eaten there. Thanks for sharing the fun!

Elizabeth said...

I'm SO glad you had a good time! Red Robin is one of my fave restaurants! We have 3 here in Edmonton, one not too far from my work (which incidently is a casino) LOL. I'm totally jealous of the great Mexican food you have there! All we have is Taco Bell and Taco Time (good, but I know there's better out there).

Good job on winning on roulette! I still don't know how to play it really!

Take Care!!

Anonymous said...

Wowzers whatta blast! I had so much fun reading your always, great narrative, oh English majorly one! (And as for the many colors of cardstock...hey Stacy you big jackass, I have the same amount of racks!!!Yep, I counted!) Haaaaaa!

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