Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well, I didn't want to say until I knew for sure....

...but, I got my A1C blood test results today and I have diabetes. Wow, that feels really weird writing that. I am sick. I have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes. (nope, writing it over and over doesn't make it feel better)

I know you've probably picked up that I've been going to the doctor quite a bit lately. It started out innocently enough, I just needed to have my blood pressure medicine renewed. At this visit, that's when I cried 4 times and got some anti-d's and a one-way ticket to talk to the therapist. In addition, my new doctor suggested some blood tests after listening to me whine about my lethargy, headaches and feeling like general crap all the time. I walked out of there...forgetting that I had even had it done.

Until 10 days later, when they called about some concerning blood test results.

#1 - my potassium level was way to low. So me, I biggie! I eat a banana. Well, apparently, it's not that simple. Muscles need potassium to work. Your heart is a muscle. Without enough potassium, it won't work. (or at least not like it should) So, this is serious. Welcome to now I have to take potassium pills and I have to have it monitered in my blood. Fun!

#2 - my fasting blood sugar was 125. Which = not good. So, I had to repeat the test the following day, to make sure it wasn't a mistake.

So, I repeated the test, fast forward a week and the next result was 129. Apparently, the first test was not a mistake.

So, upon getting these results, the doctor wanted to do this larger, more conclusive A1C blood test. This test measures your blood sugars over the past 3 months and gives a more clear picture regarding your body's processing of sugar.

Here's the Roxann version of how the A1C works. So, the hemoglobin in your blood has red-blood cells. The life of a red-blood cell is 120 days. When you eat sugar, your body is supposed to break down the sugar and it glucatates (or some medical word like that) and attaches to the red-blood cells. So, by measuring this, it tells them basically an average of about 3 months. Does that make sense? (again, that's my version of it.......not the AMA's)

So, I had this blood test done last Thursday along with a re-check of the potassium.

Fast forward to today at 2:47pm --

My potassium level is looking better....keep taking the potassium pills, though.

My A1C result is 6.1. And it should be 5.9 or less. So, it's almost borderline, but I have Diabetes. (nope, still not easier)

So, the doc is referring me to the hospital's diabetic center. (after they consult with my insurance, of course.) So, I have to see a dietician and I have to go to these diabetes classes. And if you know me, you know I am completely overwhelmed, but ready to tackle this sucker head-on!!!

So...if you know of any sugar-free products you like....let me know.

If you have any diabetic recipes....mail them to me.

And if you believe in prayer...send one up for me. I've sure been under fire lately.

So, for now. I am ~the real Roxann~ the new diabetic. And I'm joining Weight Watchers on Saturday. For now, it's all I can do. Wish me luck...


Mandy said...

WOW WOW WOW. I'm so sorry to hear you have been so sick. Yucky yuck yuck!!! YOur attitude is awesome girl!! Just tackle this like you do everything and it will all work you! We are praying for you!!

Ginger said...

I'm so sorry Roxann - that totally stinks! I'll send up some prayers for sure.

mandy said...

ok, I can't type and need to edit a little better...the last line is supposed to say...and it will all work out for you!

Amber said...

I'm sorry foxy!!!!! man that sucks!
You be sure to get it under control and we'll plan some good food for our partay when you come.
I'll pray for you (like i do every night)..... things will work out- just watch. :) luv ya!

FlipFlop Mom said...

aww honey.. YOU KNOW.. I'm gonna be praying for you.. sorry about the news.. :( But it sounds like you're being positive and taking the RIGHT steps.. WW is AWESOME!!!! I'm a slow weight loser.. but I've lost 5lbs.. just being consistent and exercise... ( I'm an exercise junky!!!)....


karen said...

I have tons of s/f recipes...cheese cake...s/f pudding with lite cool whip. The fun won't stop just because of this speed bump. You'll be back to "normal" blood sugar before you know it. Just go to WW and get started. Once you lose 10% of your weight your health will be back on track! I believe in you and I am your WW buddy! I already lost can do it!

Beth said...

Life is never easy is it? Well, I am a WW too. I do the points plan and when I consistently write down the points (not just keep track in my head), I do great. I don't have alot of willpower regarding sweets and that is my downfall. If the person that runs your meetings doesn't "WOW" you, see if you can find another meeting. I think the motivational qualitties of the leader make a difference too.

vallesfam said...

You are definitely in my prayers. I'm so terribly sorry that you have to go through all of this. Thinking of you...

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

So sorry to hear this Rox! I know you can get this all under control. BTW...... Low potasium is directly related to your gluclose levels. I don't think you want the long biology lesson....just trust me on this one.
Its no wonder you have been on an emotional roller coaster. That's what happens when your blood sugar goes up and down.
Sounds like you should be able to control this with diet, stress reduction (yeah right) and maybe some oral "sugar" pills.
You know you have a personal nurse right here!!
Hugs!! BTW......You haven't told me when you are coming......

RickertsZoo; Summerfield, NC said...

Roxy Sparklesocks,

You and Wilfred Brimley gots the di uh bee tush....

It can be beat....or so says the ladies on the Physicians Weight Loss commercials.

Regardless, its a life style change....that you will handle with the utmost gusto, I am most positive!

Looks like you have a terrific support group, online, in Savannah, Kansas and Oklahoma. Of course, don't forget no so little ol me in NC....

I didn't know I was cavorting with such a POPULAR chica!!

Maybe you can be the next spokesmodel for Di uh bee tus..nd pronounce it without sounding like you have a wad of chaw in your mouth.

How's Ike?

Hang in there Roxann.

Sit in the mirror and say those positive affirmations to yourself. You are strong enough. You are beautiful enough. You are...the REAL Roxann....and diabetes can't take that away from you!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your news, but you have a great attitude about it! I recently went to a pre-diabetes class here in Edmonton and it was actually pretty awesome (I have insulin-resistance, so border-line diabetes) I learned quite a bit more than I thought I would.
You're in my thoughts and prayers! I'll try to find some great recipes for you out of my Mom's cookbook (she's type 2 diabetic) when I get back after our long weekend.

Take care!

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