Thursday, June 7, 2007

So....I picked Sherry up at the airport......

And I wanted to make sure she wasn't I took her to one of the most fantastic Mexican restaurants I know of... Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy. Sure, I know the name is "cheesy," and lucky for is the food! Mmmmm, good!! We absolutely stuffed ourselves on the most divine Mexican eats and left completely satisfied!

This picture of us is in front of Abuelo's and the Kansas wind did not is WINDY today. Wind gusts to 40-50 mph! Can you believe that?! Insanely wild winds! So....after we finished eating....we set out to find.....

(drumroll, please!)

Neither Sherry or I have ever been to an Archiver's before. It's only been something we both had wanted to do FOREVER! We were beside ourselves excited!!!!

<------- This is us in front of Archiver's! Aren't we cute?!

Let the SHOPPING begin!!!

Here is Sherry at the beginning of our MARATHON SHOPPING SPREE!!

Things were going great and we were plugging right along, when we spotted something that made us REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guessed it!!!!

Love, Elsie!

(if you haven't seen's fantastic! There are three lines and one of them is named ROXIE, so of course, it's FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I bought the whole line!!!

So, get your butt to Savannah Scrapbooking and get it before it's all gone!!!!! Jamie expects it to arrive this weekend!!!!!)

For the record, I spent $157 and Sherry spent $125!

This has been a *fantastic* day!!! It's so great to see Sherry and it was great to hug her!!!!! I've missed her sooo much! I am happy to have her here!!!!

More adventures to far our short list includes:
  • lounging by the pool
  • movies (we don't even know what's playing, that's how "out of it" we mommies are!)
  • the local scrapbook store
  • Kohl's
  • Harrah's casino
  • pedicures
  • stamping
  • scrapbooking
  • drooling over our Archiver's conquests
  • the mall

Look out we come!!!!

(Big Daddy is on kid duty all weekend!!!)


FlipFlop Mom said...

OH Gosh.. I haven't read for a few days... sniff sniff.. but WOW.. look how much fun you are having!!! I'm loving it!!! Don't forget to post your GREAT GREAT layouts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys are so darned cute! Man, Sherry looks so tan and I can't believe how long your hair's gotten Rox! The Elsi stuff came in Thursday and I've gotta tell ya I'm lovin' it! I took home a bit of everything (of course!) :) Have a great day in Topeka!

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

So glad you are having a great time!!

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