Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's Been Up around here!!!

Logan requested his birthday dinner be at Texas Roadhouse. Man, that's some good eating!!!!And naturally, they embarrassed him by throwing him up on a saddle and making everyone say Happy B-day "cowboy" style....

Meanwhile...we had swim lessons on Monday-Thursday for the past 2 weeks.

When I scheduled the lessons, I had no idea the place was a 25 minute drive from our house!!!

I was very concerned about Griffin, after all, he hadn't even successfully gotten into the pool at home before lessons started. Every single time....he would change his mind about getting in the pool...saying, "but Mom, I don't know how to swim!" I kept telling him that's what swim lessons are for.

When it came right down to it...he did great! He worked really hard and never showed any signs of fear. (of course the water is like 2 feet deep)

He made some new friends, learned how to float and is now much more relaxed about water getting on his face, even though he still doesn't really like it.

Here's the Red Cross, Level One swim lesson graduate...

...how adorable is he?!

Here's Logan taking his exam for Level 3.... you had to do the front crawl for 30 yards.


Then, tread water for 3o seconds...

Then, finish up with swimming the backstroke for 30 yards back to the starting point.

Dang....that's hard!!!!

Here's Jensen at the pool.....

Now, it's Jensen's turn....

...30 yards of front crawl,


30 seconds of treading water.......

And 30 yards of backstroke
back to the starting point....

Just typing that makes me tired!

Both boys successfully did it! Yay!!!
Then they celebrated by doing this........



Then, they did this.........


Now, we just have Marinne's private lessons. (and the big boys now want to take more lessons, so they'll do private lessons as well. Thank goodness that it's only a mile from our house!!)



Logan wanted a luau, so that's what we did! I think it turned out pretty cute!!! The towels on the left were the goody bags! No cheesy crap toys and candy from this mom!!!!!

With me behind the camera....Big Daddy was forced to be the hostess and cut and serve the cake!!! Nice hat, Big Daddy!!!!
Funny thing about this cake......Walmart screwed it up!!! My MIL picked it up for us...so she didn't know. They gave her a plate that the cake was supposed to match and after seeing that it matched and that it said, "Happy 11th Birthday, Logan!" she paid for the cake and left. So, when I saw the plate....I knew what had happened before I even saw the cake....I knew it WAS WRONG!!!!! (why does this crap always happen to me?!) I was determined to try not to freak out, though. So, frightened, I peeked into the cake box. Thank Goodness......at least it wasn't girly and that the colors were at least similar to all our Hawaiian stuff!!!!!!!! But, I bet there was a really PO'd mom when she picked up a Hawaiian cake that was supposed to be polka dotted!!!! I bet she seriously had a cow in the Walmart!!

Here's the gang: Logan, Mike (his best friend), Loghan (the crush....more on this to follow), Jensen, Griffin, Olivia (Griffin's crush), and Chase! Aren't they a great looking group?!?!?!

Logan had a great time and the weather was definately hot and perfect for a pool party!!!! I was so happy to see him so happy!


Beth said...

The birthday party looks like fun. We are going to have a pool party for William's 5th birthday next month. Towels are a good idea for a goody bag. I think I am going to do beach balls and sunglasses.

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Wonderful pics Roxanne.........wow you sure are busy!!

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