Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've been tagged by Amber! (thanks a lot!)

now- I need to tag some people. Ok-
Lisa, Amanda, Jamie, and Roxy...... let's see em girls!!

7 random facts about me....

1. When I got one of these "tags" I sit and obsess for the first 30 minutes about how to give you guys the most clever, witty and truthful answers and I worry you will judge me if I reallllly tell the truth.

2. I am TERRIBLE about picking, chewing and pulling at my cuticles. And they usually look like crap. And the more stressed I am, the worse they look.

3. I used to be a sorority girl. Big bows. Plaid clothes. As big daddy would say....I rolled in the posies and cried w/ my sisters. And I LOVED every dang minute of it.

4. I don't think I will ever teach school again. I just don't want to go back and give the best I have to other people's kids. I think I would be a seriously bad mother to my own kids. Maybe not, though.

5. I'd love to be a labor/delivery nurse, but its the needles that I just don't know if I could deal with.

6. Seriously, I still think about having babies, even though I am TOTALLY DONE with that. But, it does make me sad every time I think about being DONE. (I know, I'm insane.) (and comments from the peanut gallery...but it's because of nurses like you, that make me want to do #5....Thanks and hugs!)

7. I can "hold it" like FOREVER. Sometimes I even surprise myself when I think I "need to go" and like 4- 6 hours later...I still haven't gone. Sometime dragging all these kids into a public b/room w/ me ....just isn't worth it....kwim?

So...there you have it....NOW I TAG:

Sherry P.

Tell us 7 random facts about you!!!!


karen said...

Become a doula! All of the fun with none of the needles.

Dalon said...

Okay Roxann - I finally had a few minutes to read some entries in your blog - LOVE it!! Isn't scrappin just THE most amazing fun anyone could have?! (I still haven't figured out why more people don't do it, but their loss ...) I could crop and shop for HOURS!!
Glad you enjoyed the food at Red Robin - we have a couple here in Anchorage and I go every now and then ... Alan would rather grill at home, but there's nothing like the fries with that special seasoning. ;-)

Beth said...

I bet you were an awesome teacher. What grade did you teach?

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Rox....GIRLFRIEND.....You've got to be kidding about wanting to be a L&D nurse!! Needles......He He, that's the least of it. Give me two Margaritas and few hours, I'll change your minds. AND MORE BABIES?? Oh Girl, its not because of nurses like me.....we all know you have the hots for Dr. B and Dr. R! (LOL).....and finally, you would have made one heck of a great teacher!! but I do understand devoting time to your own family.

You are too funny girl!! You know I love you!!

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