Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm BACK.....

Got the kids...they had a great time! The big boys *loved* church camp! They had a blast and they say they want to go back next year.....

Once I finally left, I decided to stay a few days. We had a really nice visit! Now G-ma and G-pa have to use this week to recover!!! I had planned to come home on Wednesday, but Ike had a late meeting scheduled, so we weren't in a hurry.

(TMI alert for coming passages.....but I just tell you like it is.....)

Until....Ike called at about 1:30pm with a scared voice. He was passing blood in his urine and he was freaked out! For once, I was pretending to be "the calm one" and I urged him not to worry, it was probably a urinary tract or bladder or kidney infection. But, he was still freaking... and actually, so was I. (of course, I didn't tell him that I was freaking.....I just calmly told him how to look up what Minor Emergency Center he could go to and gave him the insurance information he needed.) Poor guy had a fever and felt raunchy to boot! (and I wasn't here to be with him....)

So, I quickly got upgraded to "we are in a hurry to get home" status. My step mom started shoving the kids things in bags and I was dragging stuff to the front door. My dad and the kids started carrying it out, while I met them outside to carefully cram everything in the van. It's a jumbled up mess at this point!!! But, we got out of there pretty quick....

Before we could even leave town, I had to get gas. And I had to use the facilities, because my stomach was so messed up! (Don't you hate it when you get so worried that your bowels betray you?) Thank God I had to drive across Tulsa before leaving town and they sold 7-up!

Anyways, we came blazing home (to the tune of 4 hours) and found Big Daddy laid up in bed. He has a horrid UTI and that's so weird, because men rarely get them. But, the dr. says his is BAD! Poor Guy!!! And as an added bonus they gave him a prostate exam. Can you imagine, that would be bad enough, but to have to have one when you feel like dookie....not cool! I felt real sorry for him and boy was he glad we were home.

Luckily, the doc gave him the nuclear bomb anti-biotic and he was already feeling a tiny bit better.

I put the 2 littles to bed at 8pm and the 2 bigs to bed at 8:30pm and Big Daddy and I were in bed by 9pm. We were all exhausted! Gosh, we are OLD!!! was your weekend?!?!

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Mandy said...

WOW!! I hope Ike gets to feeling better really soon. What a crappy thing to come home too. Poor guy!!

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