Thursday, April 19, 2007

Guess Who Lost a Tooth??

How cute does he look now??

He pulled it out himself, THANK GOODNESS!

Because I do not do tooth-pulling!!


It squeebs me out!! I have NEVER pulled any of my kids teeth. Either they have done it themselves or Big Daddy has done it or or Aunt Lori has done it or one of my friends did it! It's the one Mommy duty that I CAN'T handle!!

So, he still believes in the *tooth fairy* so it went under the pillow and he scored $2 for this one. (And I had to borrow it from Logan, since Big Daddy is out of town and I had no cash!!)

So, after I take all the pics of Jensen, a couple of cuties wanted some picture action and here they are.........

Cutie Pie Girl

Cutie Pie Boy


FlipFlop Mom said...

ABSOLUTE 100% CUTIES!!!!! I don't do the pull the teeth thing either.. eeeewwwwwyyyy!! GROSS!!!
I LOVE your scrapping too.. BIBLEMAN is a riot!!!!!!!

Beth said...

I totally understand about not pulling teeth. I can watch but I can't touch or wiggle a loose tooth. Zac has had a loose one for at least 3 weeks but he won't pull it on out. My hubby can't pull them either - he seems to get the heebie-jeebies worse than me.

Elizabeth said...

SOOOOO cute!!! When are you having another!? J/K hehe

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