Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wanna guess what I've been doin'?!

Yep, you guessed it....I've been scrappin'!! WOO WOO!!!!!

So, I'll share w/ you some of my latest work. Be forewarned, although I have a kick-booty camera...I suck at this taking pictures of pictures/layouts crap (the real reason I don't submit anything - what a time waster!) Sorry for the lack of quality of some of these photo's. They are more gorgeous in person!

Ok, so for those who are counting....these are J's b-day layouts from when he turned 4! (quick math...he's 8 YES, I AM 4 YEARS BEHIND IN HIS ALBUM....please don't rub it in!)

Anyways, I am not a believer of one page for a birthday, I scrap the WHOLE story! (is anyone reallllly shocked by this?) So, I present, the 5-page bday layout.....

A little explanation about page 3 of the 5-page layout. It has a double-pullout in a pocket.

See, how nicely this all hides in the pocket in the pic above??

Well, those babies pull-out from inside the pocket-page and have more birthday present opening pics and the gift list!

Now, this is definately the FUNNIEST layout I'm posting!!! This Bibleman dress-up suit was a gift from my brother, the minister. My kids *love* BIBLEMAN!!! They think he *RAWKS* !! So, anyways, the child was dying to dress up, so instead of going potty before hitting the bathtub....guess what he did?! Yep, NEKKID BIBLEMAN!!!!!

So, what's any mom supposed to do?! Well, grab the camera, of course!!! What better way to blackmail them when they're 15????

Yep, I cracked myself up w/ this one! Nothin' like censoring w/ superhero slogans!


And I know I'm partial, because after-all, this is my work. But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this layout!!!! I am just really happy how it looks......

The really cool thing is, THE LEFT PAGE, was actually just a 1-pager that I had done about 5 months ago. But then, I later found these lists about Jensen's school from the school year and I JUST KNEW I HAD TO INCLUDE THEM....but, where???? So, the 1-page was converted to a 2-page spread.

Would you have known that if I hadn't just told you?? (Well, Jamie would, she's seen the first layout.....)

This layout is an excellent example of simple scrapbooking.....
It's Halloween pics. They aren't that great. But, it's an album for a have to put them in.
So, I did.
It's cute.
It's simple.
I actually like it.
But, he LOVED IT!!!!
(this is why I scrapbook!!!)

Ok, here's another fine example of bad photography of a good layout.....sorry about the serious glare issues!

Anyway, I did a bunch of doodling on this one. Elsie doodles cuter, but these are just the kind of doodlie-doos I used to do at my desk as a girl when I did "wrong" scrapbooking. (what I mean is, I have been a scrapbooker since I was about 11, I just used the wrong materials, such as magnetic albums and materials that won't last. But I was forever stealing my mom's pinking shears to cut up photos and put them in my magnetic albums w/ cut outs of shapes and marker doodles.....

Ok, this last layout is from Christmas 2002. The pics crack me up of the UGLY Christmas tree decorations. I had Griffin on Nov. 13th and we always put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, so since I had a 10 day old baby....guess who decorated the tree?? A 4 yr. old and a 6 yr. old. Notice, no high decorations!!! Ha ha!!!

Ok, well, since blogger has been a pain while uploading all these pics, it's taken WAY WAY too long. I'm off to bed.....

Let me know what you think of my latest works..........


Anonymous said...

Oh that's soooo cute - I love the Bibleman l/o. His future girlfriends/wife will love it too!! :) We miss you girl! ~Teeny

Sherry said...

You've been busy! Love all the pages. Matthew just got a Bibleman DVD for his birthday but they haven't watched it yet, Jensen's inspired me!! Great job!!

Elizabeth said...

Those are awesome! I especially love the WHAMMO! censoring, great job!

Elizabeth said...

PS...that last comment was from me, The Girl from Canda. I just finally got a blogger account and started my own blog.

I linked to yours if that's okay!

Anonymous said...

You da bomb baby! I think Kristine and I are gonna run away next weekend and do some scrappin' with Jill and Deiha up in SC. So maybe I'll actually get some pages done. :)

mandy said...

I love them!!! Especially the bible man!

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