Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rainy Day Tent

Although it's only been 2 days....mommy is done with rainy days!!! Gone is our beautiful and warm, Spring-like days, replaced with cold, windy rainy weather. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature!!!!!

So, what's a mom to do with 2 bored little children?? Well, make a make shift "tent," of course!!

So, you grab the big, fuzzy pink blanket off the bed and you throw it over the changing table, anchored by the box of wipes. Then you stretch it over to the expensive kitchen that she doesn't play with near enough and tuck it behind it. THE KIDS ARE THRILLED!!!!

You let them fill it with pillows, blankets, books and toys to their hearts content and let them "hide in the tent," insisting you CAN'T see them anywhere!!!

Well, it bought me about 45 minutes of peace, so it was all worth it!!!!!!

So, what do you do on rainy days when the kids are tired of being inside and you are going nuts!?!?!


Elizabeth said...

That's an awesome tent! Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing in our makeshift tents. Great job!

Nikki said...

I think this is my favorite of your posts! It makes me want to go build a tent and escape!

Sherry said...

What do I do? No brainer. Hello...VIDEO!!! Ha!!

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