Monday, April 9, 2007


Easter 2007

Marinne and Griffin love their bunnies.

Can you believe that Jensen still believes in the EB and SC, too? This may be his last year, so I'm enjoying it while I can......

Logan is growing up so fast. He hasn't believed in the EB or SC for many he hid the eggs this year and helped me load up the baskets. Obviously, this pic is to humor me....and keep the secret from the sibs.

Marinne loved decorating the eggs! It was her first year to do it. She cried when we put the egg dye away! She was VERY into it. An artist in the making? Maybe...she loves to color!

Egg decorators hard at work....

The Egg Hunt......

Isn't this adorable?!

Even though he has outgrown all this, he's still game for a good egg hunt...... shoot, he hid all of them!

Jensen, I don't think you'll
find any in the tree!!!

The hunt is on! They had a really great time! We only wish it had been a little warmer, it was about 50 degrees outside.....
We hope your holiday was as enjoyable as ours was!

Happy Easter Everybody!!!!


FlipFlop Mom said...

OH MY!! GREAT GREAT pictures.. Your kids are just ADORABLE!!!!!!! I love seeing the joy on any childs face!!!

Beth said...

So cute! Have fun scrapping those pics.

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