Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is a three post day...scroll down for other posts.....

In Scrapbooking NEWS:
Here's my layout from this morning.....
I think it turned out reallly cute!
What do you think??

In the Kitchen NEWS:

And here's the yummy breakfast I made for my kids this morning. It's cottage cheese, covered w/ bananas and strawberries, cinnamon and topped w/ whipped cream and just enough slivered chocolate so they can say they had chocolate for breakfast!! THEY LOVED IT!!


Big Daddy's plane should have landed about 4 minutes ago. YEA!!! Hopefully, he'll get his bags and make the 1 hour drive and make it home by dinnertime!!


beth said...

I could eat that breakfast if yogurt was substituted for the cottage cheese. William and I went and picked strawberries today with his preschool class. We picked about 4 pounds so I have alot of strawberries to eat since I am the only one that will eat them in this house.

Elizabeth said...

MMMM can you send some of that over here please?! Looks yummy!

I love the LO, great colour choices!

FlipFlop Mom said...

SHOOT I must have missed the mail man for my breakfast invite!!! CUTE CUTE!! and YUM YUM!!
I love the layout!!!!!! I haven't done anything in about two weeks.. I need to get moving!!!!

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