Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yet, another cheesy Valentine's Day post.....

YYYHappy Valentine's Day!!YYY

Much LOVE going out today to my family and friends. I love you all very much!!

Here's what I love about...
...Ike - I love how hard you work for this family. I love your blue eyes. I love how you've given me your all. I love how you constantly encourage me. You are my true soulmate.

...Logan - I love how generous and giving you are. You are a truly kind, benevolent person. I love how you want to help. I don't know what I would do without you! I'm sorry when I fail you. Because you are my oldest, I mess up the most with you. I love seeing just how intelligent you are. You truly amaze me!

...Jensen - I love to see your pure expressions of love. I love when a moment moves you, you throw your arms around me and tell me you love me. I just love that you do it and don't think about it. I love to see your artistic abilities. You make me wish I was artistic, like you.

...Griffin - I love your sweet smile. You have such a purely sweet nature. I love how you always want to hug and kiss me, even if you use it as a ploy to get back up after I have put you to bed, you little stinker! I love you because you are my baby boy!!

...Marinne - I love you, princess! You have brought pure joy to us and enhanced our lives in a way we never knew we were missing it!! You are beautiful, sweet and funny....even when you are throwing your latest tantrum. I do love you!


To my mother - I will always love you. I miss you. You taught me what true love is. You will always be in my {Y}

To my brother - I love you and your family more than you will ever know. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for always being there.....

To my dad - I love you. Even when I'm upset with you. That will never change. I'm glad we are speaking again. I missed you.

To my Janet - Why do "steps" have to be so complicated? Here's wishing for patience while we continue to get to know more about each other.

To Ellen and Wayne - Thanks for always being there and for all you do. Life seems weird without you nearby. Much love on Valentine's Day.

Where do I even begin to list my friends and what I love about each of them.... but I promise if you post a response, I'll tell you what I love about YOU!!
(ok, cheesy lovefest over....)
YTell me who you are lovin' today and why.....


Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

I'm lovin' my Big Dave, not only because he bought me this beautiful 'Journey' diamond necklace, candy and balloons, but he actually kept with our budget and did a side job to earn the extra moolah for my gift. Love that! Plus, he took off work early to help me and my Brownie Co-Leaders pick up 3000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies! He is SOOOOO getting some good lovin'!! :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Wow....Dave really came thru! What a great guy!!!!

What I LOVE about Jamie is...her honesty! And that fact that she's so dang funny!!

Happy Valentine's Jamie!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! I was officially vetoing Valentine's Day this year!! I told Ted not to buy/give me anything. He didn't listen!! I arrived home to a bouquet of 7 balloons, a dozen red roses, a gift bag full of choc.and a card!! What a guy!~~Kristine (

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hey baby cakes!! Of course Teddy didn't listen! How long did it get him to listen to quit asking you to marry him everyday!?!? But, in his defense, of course he wants to marry kind, sweet and beautiful. (and btw, that's what I love about you!!)

Miss you!! Happy V.Day, Kris!

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