Friday, February 16, 2007

Apparently we are KANSAS JAYHAWKS!!

Due to the kindness of Ike's bosses' bosses' boss...we were given 4 highly-coveted tickets and a parking pass to the KU Basketball Game on Saturday. We are so excited!! (although, I must admit I thought about hockin' them to pay one of our two mortgages -- but don't tell him that!!!)

Now it's time to get prepared...

10 Things To Be a JAYHAWK:

#1 - Figure out the KU colors are Crimson and Royal Blue.

#2 - Go to the "Kansas Sampler" in a snowstorm and buy everyone KU t-shirts and face tattoos. (yep, it's a store w/nothing but Kansas merchandise)

#3 - Go to the scrapbook store to get KU paper and basketball ribbon so you can scrap the totally awesome pics you plan to take at the game!

#4 - Figure out the Crimson and Royal Blue are equal to Bazzill Red and Bazzill Blue. (how boring is that?)

#5 - Learn the KU chant: Rock, Chalk JAYHAWK! (taught to me be adorable salesgirl at Kansas store) Apparently, they chant this over and over and over.

#6 - Consult map to see where Lawrence, KS is and how far away it is.

#7 - Mapquest Lawrence, KS and print out directions to get there. (oh, rather, right down how to get there, as the printer is still not even unpacked...)

#8 - Secure babysitter for 2 children staying home. (it wasn't possible to buy more tickets, they have been sold out for weeks!)

#9 - Wonder if $91 of KU shirts and face tattoos will help you fit in w/ the crazy KU fans and if they will be fooled into thinking you are a fan, too.

#10 - Get out white turtlenecks for everyone to wear under their t-shirts, since it's only 5 degrees outside!

We go tomorrow. It should be fun.

Update to follow.......


Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Thank YOU for blogging! I love checkin' in here to see what yer up to. Love ya girl, have a ball at the game! (Get it, 'ball' at the 'game' har har!)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

see...that's why I love you...your dang funny!

i have to blog, 'cause i'm a big loser with no friends here.... i have nothing else to do (except unpack, but i'm bored w/ that!)
hee hee hee!

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