Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Beautiful Day....FINALLY!!!!

It's 60 degrees outside.....and we're lovin' it!!!

After all this horridly cold weather....we have had a few "warm" days. All the snow and ice has melted off. It's wet, muddy and slushy on the ground, but playing on the pavement is great. Luckily, we have a basketball goal on our driveway and we have sidewalks now! Yea! Plenty of safe places for the children to run and play! Another reason that Topeka rocks!

Logan was practicing his basketball skills. He plays with such abandon. He is trying to learn how to shoot. How to react. How to predict where the ball will go. It's fun to watch. Watching him reminds me of the many, many summer days I spent watching Brad C. playing basketball on his driveway. Oh how the days go by....

Jensen likes to play any kind of ball. Before that, he was up in the tree, although, by the time I made it into the house, he was down and on his scooter. (up in a tree - one on his mom's favorite pasttimes)

Griffin likes to play basketball, as well. We found a tiny basketball in the backyard next to the pool. He loves it. It's just his size!

He just loves playing outside with his big brothers....after all, he thinks he's just like them!!!!

When Marinne woke up from her nap, I took her outside, as well. In Savannah, she didn't get to go out much at all. We had no fence. We had no sidewalk. And keeping her out of the street was a full-time job.

She had fun just running up and down the sidewalk. It seems so simple, but to her, freedom! She would get the ball when one of her brothers would drop it and whe would run like the dicken's. It was so cute and so funny!!

Here's wishing you sunny days and afternoons playing outside with your kids!
It sure beats unpacking!!!!!!

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mandy said...

Hey my dear friend. I just got caught up with your blog and love that I can keep up with your life this way!!! I wish we could go to an all day scrap-a-fest together. I'm really starting to go through with-drawls of both you and scraping with you!!! The symptoms are miserable!!! Head twitches and the whole works.

I love that Ike's idea of a perfect valentine's is bueno taco...not far off from my hubbies favorite cheese cake that I died pink for the occasion. The way to a man's heart is defiantly through his tummy!

I can't believe how much bigger Marinne looks in this latest picture of her. They grow up way to fast. I know I owe you some pics of my kids and I'm going send them right after I'm done here!

I hope you get some more warm weather and can meet some people that obviously won't be as cool as me but maybe close! miss you!

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