Wednesday, February 21, 2007 just ain't the same w/out YOU!!

So, I went to an all day (10am-10pm) crop on Sunday. There were 165 people there. It probably was fun to them, but not really to me. I went hoping to find a friend. Someone who could obviously help fill the excess of alone time I am experiencing. I was dissapointed.

Don't get me wrong....there were super nice people sitting all around me. I enjoyed their the way you can enjoy a complete stranger, but it was weird. I scrapbook with people I know. People I love. People I am inspired by. People I respect.

It was so different. Kind of unsettling. Very Sad.

It makes me miss all of you, even more than I already did. And that was a lot!


Anonymous said...

Hi Roxann! I just wanted to know that I just found your blog a little while ago and I love reading it! And if I was there I'd totally crop with ya!
Take Care!

The Girl from Canada

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hi Canada! Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment!! Come down and we'll crop!!
:-) Roxann

Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Sniffle...oh, come on, you big ol' dork! (oops...probably the wine hee hee) No, really, you know you love the abuse, it means I love you! lol! :)

Kristine said...

Aw, the hot tamales didn't help any?? Sorry, you left feelin' sad. Maybe you should try a smaller event next time. W/that many people I would've been happy that no1 talked to me. I couldn't have done it w/o Jamie. Anyways, did you get any pages done??

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