Monday, February 5, 2007


Well, clearly we are insane!

Our new house is about 1/3 of a mile away from every parents dreaded destination, Chuck-E-Cheese's restaurant! (and yes, EVERY SINGLE TIME we leave our house, we have to drive right by it and say, NO we ARE NOT going to CEC today!!!!!!)

So, being the caring parent that I am, I begin to think that that driving by Chuck-E-Cheese every single day and repeatedly saying No to CEC may be a little bit cruel, so I suggest to Ike that maybe we should consider taking the kids to CEC over the weekend. (after all, they don't really have any friends yet, their toys are still mostly packed, it's WAY TOO cold to play, this would be a treat for them.) To this suggestion, Ike replies, "Are you NUTS?!"

But after some talking him into it and bribing him w/ promises of certain favors on my part, he agreed we should go. (the things we have to do.....geez!)

Unfortunately for them, it turns out that both L and J were pretty naughty during the day (they did not know what we were planning) and they didn't really deserve to go, but G and M were both so excited to go. So we tried to change the day, but when we told Griffin we'd take him on Sunday instead, he burst into tears. We couldn't break his little heart, when he hadn't done nothing wrong. So, we went anyway.

We thought that going on Saturday night was a good idea, because "it shouldn't be too busy." WRONG!! We had to wait, yes, I said wait, to get into CEC. When we were finally assigned our table, it took forever to get the pizza that we ordered.

During this time, we let Griffin play a few games that were directly next to our table. (Logan and Jensen were forced to sit as punishment for being naughty. They had to sit for the 1st hour and 15 minutes we were there.) That was torture for them and for us, it was everything I could do to not let them just go play. They were driving me nuts....asking every 3 minutes....can we go play now?!?! It was really hard to say no.

So for the next 1 1/2 hours, we tortured ourselves in the name of FUN and did the CEC thing.

Marinne had a great time for her first Chuck-E- Cheese Experience. She loved it! She laughed and ran all over the place. She was adorable and cute, as always!!

And because she's not allowed to have "money" (coins) because of the choking hazard at be allowed to have coins was a BIG DEAL!!!

All in All, for the bargain price of $44.79 (with a coupon) for a few hours of entertainment, it wasn't TOO bad......

.............................EXCEPT FOR........THE GERMS!!!

All I could think of when I saw/heard the kids hacking and sneezing and touching everything with their nasty hands was, GOOD GRIEF, how many days will it be before I go running to the pediatrician (who I have yet to find) with a child who has a 103 degree fever and the flu!!!!

Then and there I decided a better name for this place would be



Hopefully, I won't be making another trip there for quite some time!!!

(Especially if I have to see this pitiful, crying face the next time we go!! When Marinne was told we needed to go home, she burst into was just so, so sad! Tears and all!! Poor abused little girl........)


Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Do they serve beer at that CEC? It's the ONLY way I've EVER been able to go there without a major case of the "I wanna go homessssss" Thank goodness for plastic pitchers of golden goodness! har har

the real ~Roxann~ said...

yea right, I wish!!!! Nope, no beer! Next time I'm taking Valium!

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