Sunday, February 11, 2007

Making up for lost time and lost camera cords...

Big Girl Bed...

I had to make a choice when we got to Kansas....Big Girl Bed or put together the crib, only to move her into the big girl bed in about a month.

So, after much thought, the night before Marinne was due to come home from Gma/Gpa's house....we put together
the toddler bed. We were going to put together the crib, as well, just in case we needed it. Well, we got too tired and we thought, we'll just try it and if it doesn't work, we'll put the crib up.

Well, it worked just fine. She never even balked, cried or complained. She just climbed on it and went to sleep after I rocked her. What a big, big girl!!!
(Now if I can just get her off this darn pacifier, I'll be happy! I just can't have a princess with messed up teeth from that paci. Any suggestions welcomed!!)

The return to school....the boys started school on the 29th of January after a week and half reprieve. They begged to stay at home, but alas, they had to go!

What a difference a week makes! Before they were going to school with no coats and light clothing... Today, they are going to school in heavy clothes, including long underwear and heavy coats. It's 18 degrees out and it's COLD!

Nothing is more beautiful than snow falling, when you haven't seen it in over 3 years. I was so excited and really enjoyed the beauty of it coming down, ever so gently. Steady and white, covering everything in sight. Pure joy.

I'm realistic....I know that's going to get real old, real fast. But for now, I'm enjoying it. We are forcasted to get 2-4 inches tomorrow. So, it's a snuggle-up, stay inside day for us! To enjoy the view and stay out of the cold.

Looking back, here are the boys enjoying their first taste of playing in the snow here. Well, really, Griffin getting his first taste. He was only 16 months old when we moved to Savannah, so he has no memory of seeing snow before. Logan and Jensen are seasoned veterans, but it had been a long, long time.

Either way, they had a blast. Making and throwing snowballs. Jensen was eating it like crazy, despite my warnings of snow not being clean and to watch out for "yellow snow." To him, it was a delicacy. Griffin and Jensen liked making snow angels. Logan was looking for animal tracks.

I let them stay out in 9 degree weather with a wind-chill of negative who knows what for about 45 minutes.

Then, I had to be the bad guy and make them come in, while they made their plea for 5 minutes more.

Don't worry guys, there will be plenty more where this came from.....TRUST ME....we live in Kansas now!

Tell me what YOU think.....

**How did it go when you transitioned your child from crib to bed? Was it this easy?

**How do I get her off this paci? What did you do?

**Have you had a "snow day?" What is your best memory of this? Have you ever seen snow?


Amber said...

hey foxy!
my theory on getting off the paci is strictly cold turkey. That's how i've gotten all of mine off of it and the bottle. you deal with hell for a few days- week at most, but then it's over.... no drawing it out. there ya go.... get the guts and just do it!
luv ya!
cute snow pics.... you must have a spiffy camera to take cute ones like that!:)

Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Well, seeing as how I'm the anti-Amber mom, I guess she's not gonna like me telling you about our paci experience. See, Miss Lizzy didn't even find a paci until she was 11 months old, then one day while shopping through her toy box, she found it, popped it in and fell madly in love. So she was three when she finally let it go. We were down to just one left and she lost it. Yep, just like that, it was gone. She didn't pitch a fit or anything. See, I really do prefer the easy way out...just let her do it at her own pace. And you cannot deny that she's flippin' gorgeous! (no I'm not at all biased hee hee.) Smooches, ~~J

Mandy said...

Stevie caught a nasty cold when he was about 5 months and couldn't breath through his nose for about a month. A requirment of a paci is breathing through the nose so when he finally got over the cold, he didn't want it anymore. He thought it was a toy from then on. But, I was watching the super nanny (love her) and she sugested the paci fairy. You and M gather up all her paci's and put them in a sack. You explain to her that there are other kids in need of a paci more than she does. And the paci fairy will deliver her paci's all over the world like Santa. Then you hang the sack in a tree over night and magically the paci fairy replaces the sack of paci's with a fabulous new toy. On the show it worked like a crying or anything. Can't say from experience but maybe worth a try.

mandy said...

As for the toddler bed, we did just like you and one day just switched over. We haven't had any problems with naps or bed time. I think he just had a good routine established and it stuck. Sounds like you do too!

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