Monday, February 19, 2007

Did Nebraska EVEN show up to this game?!

Sorry, Lori....but Nebraska sux!! (Lori is my sister-in-law and she grew up in Nebraska. So, being rivals, we have been having friendly disagreements about just whose teams are better for about 15 years. Usually these disagreements have been based on Oklahoma State vs. Nebraska or University of Oklahoma vs. Nebraska --and admitedly sometimes her team wins -- but it's way fun way to tease her about being a Cornhusker! Seriously? A cornhusker?? (What kind of mascot is that anyway?! Is that supposed to seem Strong? Athletic? Farmy?)

Well, now there's a new team in town.....KU....and KU killed Nebraska! Just take a look at the final score on the scoreboard. (does anyone think this is just a little fancy for a college basketball game? Because I was super impressed!)

For our first taste of the "crazy" known as KU was FUN! Griffin was sooo cute! He clapped and yelled. Jensen was a little more reserved, but still enjoyed the action. (of course, he has to be "cool" in case some cute 8 yr. old girl is watching....)

So, here is what I learned.....

1. If you are late....people WILL steal your seats! But me, being the bad-a$$ I am....said, "these are OURS....we have seats 1, 2, 3 and 4 to this guy as big as Ike, who seemed irritated from the moment we walked up the bleachers." Too bad sucker....those seats are OURS! Get over it dude.....and get your own darn seats! I hate people who do that!!!! Annoying!!!

2. These people are nuts about their "game." The place was packed. I mean wall-to-wall people and it was hot in there!! I can't imagine people having the "need" to do this almost every weekend. I think I would much prefer to catch the game on my big screen tv from under my new faux-fur throw that Carla sent me!!
3. The Kansas t-shirt store led me astray. Maybe she didn't know any better.....maybe she was a K-State fan and thought it was funny. I don't know. But she should have told me to buy BLUE shirts. Apparently, KU FANS wear BLUE on GAME DAY!!! I even saw many BLUE KU shirts that actually say..."KU - GAME DAY SHIRT."

Check out the pic....see the sea of BLUE?! How could she sell me a grey shirt and a red shirt for myself and Ike?!

For heaven's sake....the Nebraska uniforms were red!!!! I'm wearing the OTHER TEAM COLOR!

I don't think our plan of going undercover as KU fans worked out like we planned!

4. Did you know that a college basketball game is only 2 periods long of 20 minutes each? I sure didn't. (well I may have in college, but who can remember back to then??) Thank goodness... we were late. Then, there was an intermission with mountain bike stunt riders. And still, but 4 1/2 minutes into the 2nd period....Griffin and Jensen were both already getting bored. Poor Griffin wanted popcorn, but at $10 for a small bucket (prices worse than the movie theatre) I just could not justify it. But, we promised him a treat as soon as the game was over. (maybe that's why he wanted to get out of there?!?!)

5. I've got the cutest KU family EVAH!!!! Check out these cutie-cute pics.....

The KU Family


Beth Hancock said...

Roxann - I have been stalking your blog ever since you moved but this is the first time I have had time to comment (I am usually at work!!). Love the outfits - who says you have to follow the crowd - dare to be different. We all miss you at the Friday night crops. Kristine is great too. (no offense Kristine - we love you also). Later, Beth

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Beth!!!! How are you??? I miss ya so much!!!! How's everything going? How's your family? How's the scrapbooking been going?? Please email me at so I can keep in touch with you!!! XOXOXO ~rox

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are now KU fans. What cute family photos though. They are so scrapable. i really just wanted to see how things were going for you over there. I miss you soooo much. It looks like you are really enjoying yourselves. I have lost one of my cellphones(the one that you call me on) so I wanted to give you my new number. It is 864-314-4801. Call me sometime soon so I can give you the JONathon update. LOL
BIG hugs and LOTS of kisses!
Hope to talk to you soon.
P.S. i need your number again too. I have lost all my contacts! :(
Love ya, Tiffany

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

I've been missing you girl!! Did you HAVE to move so dang far away!! Savannah is just boring without you. I haven't scrapped a thing since you've been gone. LOL.
Hope life is treating you well. Keep giving us updates on the kidos! Hugs!!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hey Tiffany!!!
Girl ~ you don't even know how much I miss your pretty little face!!!! And you're gonna have to steal a copy of that picture from Jamie and mail it to me because my page from you is still blank!!!
You are right I do need to hear the update. I'll give you a call. Do you have free long distance? My cell bill is thru the roof and I no longer have free LD at SUX! Anyways, I'll give you a call...maybe tomorrow.
You must really want to talk, you posted your phone# on the internet - you nut!
Love ya and miss you more!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Stacy....I don't want you left out, but I am gonna email you tomorrow.....
I miss you, too! xoxoxo ~rox~

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