Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Too Cute!

So, we are sitting at the table and Marinne says,

"Mommy, when I get big I want to be a bean-a-reena!"

Me: "You want to be a ballerina?"

Marinne: "Yes. A pink ballerina."

Oh...to know she has dreams......what a gift. (and so cute!)

(remember she just turned three at the end of December...)


Tam said...

HHEEE too funny. 3 time has gone to fast! A year since you left a few months before Trish leaves and here in the middle of it all these kids that can make us just stop and laugh!!!!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

toooooooooo cute.. and how those careers will change through the years!!! sooo cute!!!

Nicole said...

Adorable! It makes me think of that children's book, "Pinkalicious."

Tam said...

R u feeling any better? Just checking before I leave for the day. Will check when I get HOME!


The Foxes said...

Hi there!

Cute story!

Hope you are feeling better.


Stacy said...

how sweet! She'll be the prettiest bean a reena!!

THREE??? Can't be three...no way!!

Kara said...

tell her she can be one *if* she goes potty....in the big girl potty.
we are making *wee* steps. like that connotation? lauren pees on the potty during the day, wearing the same pair of panties...but she waits all day til the pull-up is on. then poops.

baby steps right?!
email me your address girl!! ;) gifties for you!

Tam said...

Hello it is Thursday and my daily check.

Karen said...

She's adorable. I love the things they say. Even though I get mostly gibberish. Was she talking before she turned 2? I am wondering when lazy man will begin using his words more.

Tam said...

Hey How R u Feeling???

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