Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Hair-Raising Haircut!!

You might remember that recently Big Daddy and I went to that auction for our town's Symphony. Well, in addition to the fantastic necklace I got....I won a silent auction for a $100 gift certificate at a salon here in town. And since I am going out of town on Tuesday to head for my first Creating Keepsakes Convention for the year, I decided it was time to get a haircut
and start chipping away at that $100 I have to spend.

So, I called the salon and was given an appointment with Judy, who I was told was available to do the haircut. Well, I wasn't too worried, even though Judy does sound like she could be an older lady. But, really, doesn't that just mean she's "more experienced?!"

Well, everything was just fine, until I walked in the door of the salon.

Everywhere I looked, I could not find anyone that was anything less than 20 years older than me. Including Judy, who right off showed me the picture of her latest grandchild, who is a month old. I was a bit alarmed, but I figured, how bad can it be?!
(well, the 65+ year old in the next chair was getting her hair set for her weekly "hairdo" before going to sit under the dryer....should have been the thing that assured me I was COMPLETELY OUT OF MY ELEMENT HERE!!!!)

So, as I sit in the chair, Judy asks me if I want a wash, haircut and a set.

A set?!?!

Um....oh my gosh, no!!

So, Judy opts to spray my hair with water, rather than wash and set, and then cut it.

So, she asked me what kind of haircut I'd like.

So, I explained to her that I'd like it just like it was....long layers, layered around the face. Shorter in the back and longer at the bottom of the face on each side.
(and I did fix my hair before going, so she can see what it looks like......)

Well, she asked me questions about how to cut it.

Um....I don't know. Isn't it YOUR job to KNOW THAT?!?!!?!

(I could have told her it's similar to Victoria Beckham's, but she probably only knows
what Betty White's hair looks like!!!)

At this point, I started to panic.

The entire haircut, I sat there about to have a complete heart attack. I couldn't just jump up and run, although, I actually thought about it!!! You see, these people knew who Big Daddy is, so I have to "behave" when I'm in situations like that. So, I knew I had to be calm and be brave.

So, at the end of the torture, I mean haircut.

She asked me if I wanted it to be "styled."

Oh my Gosh, NO!
(I can't even imagine what my hair would look like if Judy styled it!!)

Good thing, too. Because when she asked my how I "fix" my hair. I responded a straightening iron (which they didn't have) or a FAT barrel curling iron, depending on my mood. (well, after looking for about 10 minutes, they found a curling iron that was a bit bigger than a normal small curling iron! Good Grief!) After that, I just said, well you can just blow dry it.....
after all, it's 30 degrees outside and I am still a bit sick, so I didn't want to leave with wet hair.

So, she proceeds to get out the hairdryer and the mousse.

Mousse?!? Do they still manufacture that stuff?!

Yep, they do. And she coated my hair in it. Yummy!

So, at the end of all this fun....I was just ready to GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE!

At this point she offers me some hairspray, so I say sure.

I think to myself, "at this point, if I have hairspray...I can finger place the hair where I want it until I get home later and can wash all this crap out of my hair."

Well, good idea, but the minute she offers me the hairspray, she brings out a can of "Aqua Net" look-alike and proceeds to spray the crap out of my hair.

I about freaked.

So, at this point, I wanted to just go.

So, I get my purse to take care of the charges.
How much can this be?

Well, $18 for the haircut and $8 to blow dry my hair. Not fix it, just blow dry.


So, I give her a $6.00 tip, because isn't it 20%?!

$32.00 gone from my $100.

And, I'm only going back to get a bunch of Matrix shampoo and a pedicure......
how can they screw that up?

Thank goodness, I have the name of another hairstylist to go to next time!

*I realize this post is useless without pictures! I promise to post one later!


Tam said...

I hate my new do.....uggg I hope you can at least fix yours...mine well it will have to grow lots before I can even begin to fix it lol lol

the real ~Roxann~ said...

You just need to play w/ it. Or...go back and have her show you. If she knows you are unhappy...she'll help you learn.

I really thought it was cute.

Now mine....ha! I just figured out it's NOT EVEN!!!!


pinktomato said...

oh my gosh - so is it really that bad? hair grows :-)

the real ~Roxann~ said...'s not great! But, I will probably be able to do something with it. However, I haven't been anywhere, just getting ready for my trip, so I haven't fixed it.

We'll see.....

Kara said...

roxy! you know that you showed them my 'last week' picture and asked for the same thing!!!
:] all kidding aside!

i can't WAIT to see you in portland!! can you believe that its almost time?!?!

Sherry said...

Yikes...I hope it's not too bad, and at least now you know...I was expecting pics!!

Karen said...

Yeah - pics,pics,pics! I once Mc'd a silent auction and went somewhere and asked for big curls...I got little old lady curls that looked like a perm gone bad. I should have rewashed and styled but I ended up just going the way it was. It was horrible.

Tam said...

Hello my daily check in

EFW said...

Pics please!
Have fun on your trip!

Anonymous said...

Bwaaaaah...that's good stuff right there girl. A real Roxy classic!

Anonymous said... totally laughing with you. i've been in that chair twice in my life and it's horrible!

good thing is it makes for a great story and the hair will grow out.


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