Thursday, February 21, 2008


We joyfully announce the

adoption of the cutest puppy ever,

Adopted into our lives on
Saturday, February 9th, 2008.

Barclay is a AKC registered Maltese puppy.

He was born on October 5, 2007.
He is 4 months old.
And he weighs almost 5 pounds.

He's super loving and playful. If you hold him and pet him, he will kiss you all over! He loves the kids and will play with them for hours! He loves his chew bones and is doing really well on his potty training! He's sleeping thru the night a bit better....although we had a rough few nights! He isn't a bit afraid of the cat and I honestly think he thinks he's bigger than the cat. (the cat is 22lbs!) He'll take on that cat and wrestle with him! It's hilarious!!! He's not a bit afraid. He loves riding in the car. Surprisingly, he doesn't bark often. Only when he wants out of his crate! (and then he barks and whines, A LOT!!)

On our way to pick him up....we were trying to come up with a name for him. Everybody was throwing out ideas.

Of course, Big Daddy wanted to be ironic with his name....
...something like Killer.

Seriously, could you call

Me, neither!
So...I rejected that one real fast.

Logan and Jensen suggested lots of things, but nothing that sounded "right."

Griffin wanted to keep his name, Charger, but I didn't like it.

To me, this dog is fancy. He needs a "fancy" name.
Something that sounds regal....something that is not ordinary.

From the carseat, we hear Marinne say, "I want him to be named Cereal!"

(why don't we just name him Captain Crunch?!?!?)

Although, I do think it's hilarious she came up with Cereal all by herself,
I told her I think we'll try to think of another name.

But, as I sat there thinking.....I did find a massive amount of humor in the fact that would could incorporate 2 suggestions and name him...

(wait for it.....)



And I actually considered it for about 2.4 minutes, before I thought better of it!

Back to the "serious" names....

Sebastian (nope, that the fish in Little Mermaid)

Christian (isn't that a boy?)

Riley (can't use that....Ike's bosses dog)

Chase (kinda too funny)

Then, I suggested BARCLAY.
(pronounced: Bar - Clay)

But, the kids said it like..... Bark - Lay.
Which they thought was hilarious....because Bark is in his name.
So, it was decided.

And Marinne pronounces it like...
Bark-A-Lee. (sorta like Broccoli)
It's so funny!


BARCLAY, it is.

After bringing him home for a few days, we've thought of some
other names that might have been fitting.

VC....for vacuum cleaner (since he eats anything off the floor!)

High Maintenance (self explanitory)

Lover (he's such a little lover)

Pain in the a$$ (um....let him keep you up
whining for hours and you'll understand!!)

Baby ('cause he's such a little baby!)

Piddle ( many oops have I cleaned?)

Money Bags (what he's gonna cost me....after $109 vet bill yesterday)


Welcome to the family, Barclay.
(or whatever your name is!)


Nicole said...

ADORABLE! I love the doggie and the whole story! So very cute!

Karen said...

Awww so cute! It's funny cause I was writing about cutting Jake's hair before I read your blog! That's certainly the way to do it...get the dog after the kids so the dog comes in loving them to pieces! Congrats on the new addition, but seriously, didn't you have enough work??? lol!

Anonymous said...

What a stinkin' CUTIE!!

EFW said...

I will not be sharing this news with my boys...they are after us to get a dog in a big way! I will never hear the end of it!
I've told them not while Simba is alive. So I think they are secretly plotting against her (not seriously).

Barclay - great name and very cute puppy!

Anonymous said...

Now how stinkin' cute is that little booger! I can't believe you've had him for a week and are just now letting us see him...sooooo cute!!!

Sherry said...

Barclay is adorable! You almost make me want to ask hubby for a puppy just like him!!

Tam said...

OK so everyone is being polite here and I will just flat out ask you from one mom to another mom


Just know I am an animal lover. He is stinking Cute! Oh what a great addition to the family and M needs a little Vera Bradley Dog purse for him...O my sense of humor cracks me up. lol

the real ~Roxann~ said...

I know, I know...I am insane!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Tam...I said the same thing to Kristine...yep ROxie's nutso!! ;)

Amanda Johnson said...

Hmmm went into the scrapshop today and Jamie says hey have you seen Roxanne's stinkin new cute puppy? I say no, i will have to check..I get home run to the puter and "BAM"!My puter instantly splatted with cute-ness...Great! Wonder how long that is gonna take to clean up? Honestly Roxie he is way adorable and i have to say that i was sorta diggin the Cappin crunch name myself! But I guess Broccoli will have to do....:).

Stacy said...

He so cute! What a cuddle baby! That's exciting news Roxio!
Its about time you added a new member to the family. (LOL)

Tam said...

You guys are dog gone crazy! I can not handle the high mainteance of a puppy. OK if you can not clean the litter box what do you do about cleaning up after the puppy??????? Inquirying minds want to know but will not ask????

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