Saturday, February 2, 2008

He belongs to an exclusive club!!!!


Stacy Baum, Executive Director, The Carole Kneeland Project for Responsible Television Journalism
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 4:56 PM
Subject: Kneeland Project

Dear Ike -

Good news doesn’t take long to tell: I’m happy to share that you have been accepted as a participant in The Carole Kneeland Project's 2008 News Director 2.0: Understanding, Embracing, and Managing Opportunities for the ‘Advanced Media’ World. You were selected from a large and outstanding applicant pool, and we know that you will be an excellent contributor to the program.

Now, I know this probably makes no sense to most of you. (except our "news" friends) Heck, I didn't even realize how important or exclusive this is.

But, it is. Only 18 News Directors nationwide are selected for this program.

It's a BIG DEAL!!!!

So...the back story......

It was suggested that Ike apply for the Carole Kneeland Project. So, he did. He had to fill out an application, send a resume and write a essay on "why he should be chosen to attent the CKP." (remember, with the competition for these spots...this is a key part to the process) And, because the CKP pays for the tuition, hotel and food for each person...the only thing left to be paid is travel, which is typically covered by your news station. So, it's all earned as part of being chosen.

You see...Carole Kneeland was a fantastic journalist who died of breast cancer in Jan., 1998. But before that, she took a stand in her news leadership. Carole had an idea that news reporting should take a responsible stance on crime reporting, rather than the sensationalist "if it bleeds, it leads" way of crime reporting.
(which coincidentally, Big Daddy hates!)

With her responsible philosophy, news stories were subjected to hard questiong when being considered for airing. Questions such as, "Is there an immediate threat to public safety?" or "Is there a threat to children?" or "Is there a crime prevention aspect to the story?" or "Will the crime have a significant impact on the community?" Answering these questions helped determine which stories were run and which were scrapped. Ms. Kneeland was considered a pioneer in her news philosophy and with her commitment to making things fair in the newsroom, she was highly respected as a newsroom manager.

After she passed away, a program was set up in her name to teach others her newsroom management philosophies and continue her crusade for responsible television journalism. Her Carole Kneeland Project for Responsible Television Journalism is highly regarded as some of the best training a news director can get.

(now mind you, this is all based on information I can gather as wife of the news director and is accurate as I understand it to be...)



Congratulations, honey! I am so proud of you!!!!!!


FlipFlop Mom said...

CONGRATS!!!! You're right.. I truly don't understand it all... but.. I can see it makes your eyes twinkle... and it DOES SOUND GRAND!!!!! I've read a bit of his blogs in the past.. and he has an outstanding ability to write!!! I'm super EXCITED for you!!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Karen said...

Go Ike! How fabulous! That is one of the things I love about Ike and his role in my career. He has a real concern for his staff and is very responsible about what goes on the air. I doubt a recent story would have made it if he was still in Savannah. Ahh-hem.
Congrats! No one deserves it more.

Tam said... right I have no idea what it is but YOU GO BIG DADDY! You guys deserve tons of good things and this is just the very beginning!!!!!!!!!!! I know it!

Stacy said...

WHOO HOOOO!! Congratulations!!

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