Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scrappy Schtuff!!!

Here's a little custom mini-album I did for a friend for her 10th anniversary....I was really pleased at how it came out. Jodi chose the wording for the title, but I designed the rest.... One of my favorite parts is the "K." It's chipboard, which I inked w/ 2 different black inks (Stampin' UP! Classic - black and ColorBox chalk ink - Charcoal) Then, I covered the entire surface w/ Crystal Effects to dress it up! It really looks cool IRL, but it's hard to photograph the effect.

This pulls out from behind the cover page. It's for a photo of them at their
anniversary dinner.....
These are for them to document their gifts to each other (which I happen to know Jodi got a blue diamond ring....lucky girl!!) Just wanted to give you a look at the heart embellishment I made. I took black glittered acrylic paint and mixed it with clear glue. Then, I shaped it into a heart and let it dry. And ta da....cool crinkly handmade heart...... outlined w/ Stickles! (my favorite!)

Some pages for Looking Back.....a wedding photo.

and Today.....family photo.
And with the years of marriage, came the blessing of their children
(included in the next 3 pages of the album.....)
(don't laugh at my stick person!!!) And lastly, Looking to the Future........Best of wishes to you, Jodi and Joe. Congratulations!!


Tam said...

Cool...it is very good!

*Southern Beall* said...

Way cute!
Love love the heart you made, awesome idea!

pinktomato said...

dont you just love it? I got it and i'm working on plugging my pictures in...i posted a pic of the blue diamond at my blog, for those who care, or dont care and are just curious hee hee.

FlipFlop Mom said...


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