Friday, February 15, 2008

So, guess where I went today?!?!

...that's right, I went to the doctor again.

Why, You ask?

I AM SICK AGAIN! (or is it still?!)

I started feeling bad again 2 days ago. Then, 2 nights ago, I came down with a wicked cough. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest and kicking me in the chest when I cough. It's stinks so bad!!

So, after 2 nights of little to no sleep, I decided to go back in to the doctor's office to see what's wrong with me now. And the verdict is...I have Bronchitis and some sinus infection.

SO, I was sent home with an inhaler, my second antibiotic in a month and some major decongestant/cough medicine stuff. ACK!!!!!!
I am so, so tired of all of this! It really does suck!!!!!

So, it's Friday and I'll be spending my weekend trying to get better.

And if I can feel a bit better, I hope to get some scrappin' done. I had some cool valentines stuff started, but I only got it partly done because of being sick. (my time to work is late at night after the kids are in bed, but when I am sick, I can't stay up to do anything. I just have NO energy!!

So, now I have to start my Design Team projects over for the month! Doggone it! So, I hope to get a bunch done this week!!

What are YOU doing this weekend?!?!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're sick again/still. I am reading and watching movies again this weekend. Feel better soon!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH GOSH!! I hope you get better THIS TIME!!! It's the weather... we can blame it on that!!!

This weekend.. hmm not sure!!

Stacy said...

Get better SOON!
I'm not doing anything this weekend, but SLEEP!

EFW said...

Matt has been sick again too - hopefully better now. Bronchitis and before that walking pnuemonia!

Get well soon!

This weekend is crappy weather so except for Danny's basketball game later today (they are 6-1, I am so proud) we are just hanging out at home.

Tam said...

Hey sorry you are sicky!!!

I scrapped four layouts last nite! I was at the church!

Kara said...

giiiiirl!! get over the sickies quick!! it sucks to fly being sick!! :[
i saw the on WW blog about the 'green' thing!! totally awesome!! i am switching over, anyone doing good for the earth is awesome for me!!!

*hugs* and loves, please get well!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodness're like Typhoid Mary around there! Get better, and thanks for the comment over on the JJ blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor Rox! You probably keep passing it around the house. Grrr. How frustrating for you! Feel better.

Anonymous said...

by the way - the last one was me! Add the nickname option back in! Karen

Roxann said...

Hey Karen...I didn't change anything...Blogger must have. Sorry. But, I clicked on the name/url and entered my info...let's see if it works!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

ok...well there it is! Just click on name/url and enter Karen and your vox address....

karen said...

It sometimes let's me and sometimes doesn't this way.

Tam said...

HEY, I am sick too...ugg I feel rotten and I have not blogged. cough and just awful..R is off this week and I do not feel like doing anything

Tam said...

I am not sure is the answer to your question on my hair...I do not know...hmm

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