Friday, February 8, 2008

Coming out of the fog.........

....I'm baaaaack!!!!

Finally, feeling better again. But, another 6 days of being sick really stinks and really makes one run behind!!!

So, how are all of you?!?!?!

Been busy this week....

....wishing both my dad and my best friend, Michele Happy Birthday this week (ya know I love ya both!!!)

....enrolling Logan for MIDDLE SCHOOL! (eek!)

....running errands (must be done!)

....doing laundry (never ending!!)

....single momming while Ike works insane-o hours (Bluck!)

....trying to catch up on DT scrap projects (far behind...)

....working on a Mini-Album (custom job for a friend...)

....making dentist appointments for all (they can't get us in until AUGUST....can you believe that?!?!?!) 10 inches of snow on Tuesday night, into Wednesday morning (that's alot of snow...the 15th for this year!)

....shoveling the walk and playing with kids in the snow (not fun when you are sick, sick, sick!!) have snow day (and drive mommy crazy being wild!!!)

....dealing with issues at school with both older boys (one appears to have forgotten that he's not to talk when the teacher is teaching and the other is being tormented by rotten girls --
anyone have advice on how to keep M from being one
of "those kind" of girls?!?!

Well, that's pretty much it!
But isn't that enough?!?!?!

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Tam said...

Welcome Back !!!!!!!!!!!

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