Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not a good picture.......(camera phone by 11 year old kid....)

...but, I still think I need some glasses to be cool! What do you think?
(besides that I am a big dork......) I have wanted glasses since I was a little girl! But, I have perfect eyesight.

Now at age 38, I know better than to complain about that, so I won't. But, when my eyes finally decide to fail me....I'll be getting me some wicked cool glasses, sorta like these.....


The Girl from Canada said...

you look awesome in glasses!!!

Tam said...

Do you want my glasses? I will send them to YOU...lol I never wear them...lol I need to though

Anonymous said...

Ah that's funny! Aren't we a bunch of wannabes?!?!? :)

pinktomato said...

You are SOOOOO FUNNY!!! I did the SAME thing! but back in the early 90s you could buy fake ones. I had to buy RED SALLY JESSE glasses! I am positive they are still around here somewhere. If you want them bad enough, you can find pretty cute reading glasses that look similar to what you have on there..some funky ones with printed frames...my mom found a fun pair at ARCHIVERS at the counter.

ybus said...

the glasses look great:)


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