Monday, February 11, 2008

Symphony Ball

As part of Ike's job, we often need to attend community events. So, we were lucky enough to attend a ball for the symphony in our town. Here we are just when we were preparing to leave. (photography by Logan)
You know, it can be fun to get all dressed up and be something other than a mommy from time to time. And, fun, it was.

They had a silent auction and a live auction to raise money for their events. And it's nice because you know it's going to support the arts, which we all know are so important. It just kills me that the arts have become less and less of a priority in school. I can remember the days of music and art being a regular part of my curriculum. (and I can remember in elementary school when our Music teacher Mrs. McKenzie used to always have her room like and ice keep us awake, she used to always say....but I can remember it just like it was yesterday. Her room was always like 10 degrees colder than the rest of the school! Back then, I didn't know about it, but now I personally think it may have been that way because she was in menopause!!) Anyway, the Arts in school used to be a priority. But, now everyone just wants to "save money," so they cut our funding to our children for these important programs. And its sad, just very, very sad. (man...who gave me a soapbox....?!)

Well, we don't usually take part in these auctions, because really, we need to spend our money on our own children. But, I saw there was a $100 gift certificate for a salon in town, and the bid was at $60. And since I haven't had a haircut since July....I could see that being a good deal. I should be able to cut 2 or 3 haircuts for that. (or I may even splurge on a pedicure!) But, that was a good I'm glad I won that auction!

I also placed a bid on Family Zoo Passes (which came with a stuffed giraffe and zebra--because it was something we will really use when Spring and Summer come.) We had the high bid on that and it was under the value. And at the last minute someone came in and sniped the bid. (big meanie!)

But, I have to admit there was something that really caught my eye....a 7-diamond "Journey" necklace, valued at $1400. It was breathtaking.
The hostess was wearing the necklace as she worked the room before the auction started. And since the hostess' boss is Big Daddy, I got plenty of opportunity to see this necklace up close.

Now, you see, the last jewelry Ike had purchased for me was over 5 years ago. The gift was diamond earrings. (which I absolutely loved!) I wore them non-stop and barely removed them, except to clean them from time to time. Well, long story short, when we went to the hospital to have Marinne in Savannah, I was wearing my earrings. Well, since they are screwbacks, I didn't really worry about losing one. (after all, screw backs are supposed to keep that from happening!) Well, after I gave birth to Marinne I had been moved to the new room and that night when I was going to sleep, I realized that one of the earrings was missing. So, ask me where I was the night Marinne was born...... Yep, while Marinne was getting checked in the nursery I was down in my birthing suite 10 hours after she was born, on my hands and knees looking for a missing diamond earring. I was just sick about it. Just sick...
Well, I never did find it. So, now I only have one earring, so it isn't worn.
(I decided to take the remaining earring and when Marinne turns 16, we'll have it set into a necklace for her. Won't that be cool?!?!)

So, as Ike was talking to his boss at the side of our table, they started the auction for the "Journey" necklace. The started the bid at $500. And, NOBODY was bidding. NOBODY. So, they dropped it to $400. Still nothing. (remember, this is a $1,400 necklace....) Finally, he dropped it to $300 to start and by then, I was about to have a conniption. When else would you be able to get a deal like that and be able to write it off as a business expense/charity donation?!?!?! So, I got Ike's attention and pointed out what was happening. He was like, do you really like that? I thought you were kidding about liking it.... UH, WHAT?!? It's diamonds and gold....what's not to like?!?! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! (although, I will admit I prefer white gold to yellow gold.....the only fault of this necklace.....a fault I was willing to overlook due to the situation!) :D

So, by this time, someone had bid $300 and with $50 increments, it was at $400. So, Ike jumped in on the bidding. I'll have to admit it was sooooo exciting. We just figured it would go higher than we wanted to pay. Well, when the bid hit $600, we were wondering if we should do it. So, the other people bid $650. Well, Ike hesitated.....while the whole room of 200+ people waited to see what he'd do. And at that point, he said to me, "Do you really want it?"

So, how do I respond?!?!

I grab his face and lay a great big kiss on him while the whole room watched. (and yes, they had us on camera on the big projection screen, so everyone could see...!!)

When I released his face, he held up his bid card and yelled, $675!!!

And the entire room errupted in clapping and loud cheers!!!!

$675 going once....

$675 going twice....

Sold to #129 for $675!!!!!!

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! And I was so happy!!!!
(and yet, I couldn't believe what we had done........)

So we got this necklace for less than half of it's value.
But, the story gets better......

After I got it home, I found that the chain was really too short. It felt like it was choking me. (I still love it, but it was choking me.) So, I called the jeweler to see if I could exchange the chain and pay the cost difference. He was super nice!! He said, "Oh, I think they make those standard to fit a 90lb. woman. Come on in and I'll give you a new chain." Well, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! So, I went in the following day and the owner was busy. So, I was talking to another worker and told her we had won it at the auction, it was too short, and confessed to her that I wished it was white gold, instead of yellow gold. Well, this lady told me, that they could very easily accomplish this by having it dipped to make it white gold. I had never heard of that....but I wasn't wanting to spend more money than we already had.

Well, as we started the chain exchange process, she measured my neck and we determined that a chain 2" longer looked just right. Well, she want to the case and if you can believe it.....they were completely out of yellow gold chains, the length I needed! So, she suggested to the owner that they give me a white gold chain and dip the pendant for FREE and he said YES!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! I was sooooooo happy!!!!
It worked out perfectly and I got everything that I wanted!!!

So, as soon as I have a chance, I'll photograph the necklace, so you can see how much more beautiful it is in person!

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!

Thanks a lot, Big Daddy.....even if this is my Valentines, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas Present!!!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

Ok- first and look incredible! The weightloss really shows in that pic of you and Ike. ( aka - big spender) It motivates me to get my a$$ in gear. Secondly, I think that is an amazing v-day gift...but girl, you deserve it. You've given him 4 incredible kids and you spend everyday dedicated to them. Only recently did you begin to explore your interests again...and I know he appreciates you.
Then there is my husband who declares last night that it's better not to spend money on something as silly as roses since we just bought a house and they die anyway. Yep, he actually said that. I cried. I am not sure if it's because I was reliving the embarrassment I feel whenever he won't send me flowers at work and everyone else gets them...or maybe I just really felt unappreciated.
Either way, he's in deep you know what and the Chinese dinner he suggested is one he can shove up his @*&$. Am I being ridiculous?

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Thanks Karen! That's so very sweet what you said! I appreciate it so much! I was just thinking yesterday how disgusted I am with myself, because I gained 2 back. It really is an ongoing struggle! It's like 2 steps forward, 3 steps back!!

About the necklace, that's exactly what Ike said...I deserve it. He was so very sweet.

And to be honest, yes, I think you have plenty of reason to be upset w/ B. You tell B that if he wants a happy, long-term marriage....he better step it up a notch!!!

Now, the frugal side of me would be sorta upset if Ike sent me roses on V-Day (because I know how expensive they are...) I would much rather that he go to Sam's and pick up a Dozen roses for $20 and call it good. For me, it's the thought that counts, not the $$. And I'm sure you feel that way, too. (the fact he doesn't want to "spend the $$" is like a slap in the face!)

I hope he comes to his senses and orders you some flowers. If he's smart, he will.

As far as Chinese Dinner....unless that's your favorite food ever....completely shove away, my dear!!

(we will be staying home for babysitter...and we'll be eating chicken-n-rice. In my defense, c-n-rice is Ike's absolute favorite and he begs me to make it! So, it's perfect for Valentines Day! (for him, anyway....)


Roxann :)

ps...did you see the sugar plant in Pt. Wentworth exploded? Wowza! Ike is sooooo glad he didn't have to deal with that!! :)

karen said...

Oh, I know! Crazy! And, it's like 10 minutes from our house in GA. Thanks for your advice, as always.

*Southern Beall* said...

OMG! That pic of you is fabulous! So beautiful!! And what a lucky girl!! Im so happy for you!!

cat said...

How awesome!!

jamietg said...

You've got one big ol' soft-hearted teddy bear there girl! Good job Ikey pooh, you did good! :)

deiha said...

awe, that's too sweet!

Nicole said...

It's like a fairy tale come true! I love that you just planted one on him and he yelled out "$675!" That's so awesome! You are one hot mama! :)

pinktomato said...

awe thats so sweet! - live auctions are so exciting! (would you believe me if I told you my step dad is a live auctioneer?!) well you already know about my anniversary gift - but i will be posting pics of it soon too. as for your missing diamond earring...go get an extra piercing somewhere :-O

Tam said...

The Necklace Rocks! Love the written story as much as when you told ME on the phone!!! It rocks!!

Hey Rox tell your friend Karen about the gift I get from my husband for every Holiday. It never changes, It is always the same, I never expect anything more or less....He gets me NOTHING..LOL

Sherry said...

I'm glad you had such a good time at the ball, you look so pretty!!! Congratulations on getting the necklace, it's beautiful, you deserve it! Way to go Ike!!!!

Stacy said...

YEAH!! ROXIO! I'm so thrilled for you! WOW...that's so exciting. you were on a good luck roll. You and Ike look so happy in your pic. Love you girl...miss you too!!

Emma said...

Roxann, you look beautiful & happy! The necklace is going to look stunning on you...especially in white gold!

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