Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here's something really cool!!!!

So...I have really enjoyed the work of Teresa Collins for a while. (she loves crowns and pink/, of course, I love her!) She used to teach classes for Rusty Pickle (at CKC's and Scrapbook Expo - just like what I am doing.) She used to design for Junkitz. She designed their "Extreme Boy" line that I loved so much! (I's perfect for all 3
of my boys!) So, that's really how I discovered her work, and
I've followed her work since then.

But, as you've probably heard, Junkitz is no more. :(
(I think I may have even said it on this blog...)

But, shortly before this, Teresa decided it was time to follow her
heart/dreams and she went out on her own. And just last week, she debuted her new lines at CHA. AND THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!

And, apparently, she created quite a buzz at the show!

Well, one of the super cool things she has designed
(besides all her beautiful new papers) are these
really cool acrylic rings that you can "scrap."
Well, she had a RAK on her blog....and guess who won one?!


WOO HOO!!!!!!

So, that is totally awesome!

When you get a minute, go check out her blog...
...IT ROCKS!!!!

Teresa Collins Blog


Stacy said...

Congratulations!! That's just awesome!! Woo HOO!! those rings are so cute! Love them!

pinktomato said...

seems you always win stuff! i love it!!

Anonymous said...

You lucky terd! You are so freakin' lucky!!!!! I LOVE the new T Collins line, can't wait to get my hands on em...I hear they're already in stores (as of yesterday!!!!!)

Amber said...

how fun is that? totally cute stuff. Glad you're feeling better girl!

Kara said...

roxy!! awesome!! congrats! :] you are SO going to have to show me them.
i think that kim is going to carry T's lines at the shows....*drool*!

amy h. said...

Hey Rox! I never thought about a scrapper going out on her own. What a cool idea. If you had the funds to back it up is that something you'd want to do someday? Because I'm not in the scrappin' world, but from what I've seen you're better than just about everyone else out there.

I'm just sayin'. Don't ever forget that the possibilites are limitless when you have talent like yours.

Anonymous said...

No way! I cannot believe this Roxann. I had been stalking her dang blog every day since I had seen pics of the show. Her stuff is so fun!
thanks for "checking me out" girlie.

why am i having trouble posting all of a sudden????????????lynn

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