Thursday, March 27, 2008

My 1st NATIONAL Scrapbooking Classes!!!

Without further delay, I want to tell you all about my first 2 "national" scrapbooking classes! THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!!!! And I loved every single minute of it!!

I thought my biggest challenge was going to be stage-fright. I mean, a room full of 50 women, who are supposed to be intermediate to upper-level scrapbookers..... well, they are going to expect a lot from you. And well, 50 women. Well, that's a lot.
The most I had ever taught in a class before was like 14 or 15.

So, I was scared.
But, I figured I'd be fine.

Next challenge was that I had only gotten the 3rd layout on the day before the class. And I was writing the "directions" in the car on the way to teach the class!
And it's realllllllllly hard to discect a layout that you didn't yourself design.
(since many times the layers need to be done in order not to mess up....and
it's my job to make sure that I teach the women the correct order.)
So, this was stressing me out.

Then, just as we were driving the 5 miles from the hotel to the Conference site....
I was filled with panic.....


And we had rescued some other vendor's whose van broke down and let them ride with us, so there was absolutely no way we had time to go back and get them!


But, what could I do?!?!

I did what any other professional would do, I sucked it up...
...because this show was going on regardless.

THANK GOODNESS I had actually done the other 2 layouts!!!
SO, I actually KNEW them.

And I did a great big "wing it" job!
And nobody knew.

I was scared to death.
And nobody knew.

I rocked it out big time.
And I was relieved. And HAPPY!!!!!! are 2 of the layouts. The 3rd one, I never even took pictures of, because I was just too, too busy! So...bummers.

Here is my version.......and the original layout is below.
I only had a small picture to go on and I did take some creative liberties.
A simple day at the park....

I did take some creative liberties with my layout.

For instance, as you can layout is in complete reverse of the original.
That's because my pictures that I wanted to use were facing the completely opposite way of the original version of the layout. No biggie! I made it work!!!!
(and I LOVE how it turned out!!!)

I also added Stickles (my favorite thing) to the centers of the flowers.

And, I added ribbons to the tags that I liked that matched.
And the little tag that hung from the picture....well, mine said something dumb.
So, I flipped it over, used some rub-ons and made my own sentiment.

The original layout:
(Oh, and in this layout, the circle pics are printed onto transparencies.
Cool look, but I had already had mine printed at Walgreens before I ever knew.)

The second layout was called "Precious Time"
I really like it a lot, but even with this one, I put some of my own spin on it.
For instance, I added Stickles to many of the places on my layouts.
I hope you can tell in the pictures.

And my favorite thing I added to the layout, is the large journaling flower that goes
into a little pocket in the strips on the left bottom corner of the left page.
I really like it a lot!

And the original layout:

By the second day when I taught the class the second time...
I was so afraid something terrible was going to happen.
After all, I had pulled it off on day 1, despite the mounting odds against me.

But it didn't and....


I wasn't near as scared.
And I had my notes.
But, I didn't use them...AT ALL!!

Winging it the day before had prepared me for Day 2.

And my "teacher's pet" even read me a few things off of the REVIEWS each
student had the opportunity to fill out......


YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

One said, "Roxy Rocks!"

Another said, "My favorite class I took! So fun!"

And since I came home I was overjoyed when I found these 2 reviews online:

"I loved the Taste of Scraptique class! The layouts were wonderful! Scraptique was very generous when it came to the products in the kits. We received 3 kits for 3 double-page layouts. The teacher was wonderful, too!"

(hey...the teacher....that was ME!!!)

And a comment left on the Scrapbooks 'n Stickers Blog:

"Hi Roxann! I took your class at the Bay Area Expo and I just wanted to say how fun it was to be in your class! You are a wonderful teacher! I was the one at the end of the Saturday class who said you were very easy to understand. It was nice meeting you and again, you are a great, FUN, happy teacher" ~Evelyn


Amanda Johnson said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!You are so fun and silly. You make happiness, laughter and the occasional vogue pose addictive :) Those ladies were blessed to have you.

Tam said...

Great Post Rox! The Layouts Rock. H is sick and well anyway had a moment b4 he is in need of more Mommy Love!

EFW said...

I am so proud of you! You are the greatest!

lynn said...

Roxann, you've always got a story don't ya girlie. And amazingly they all seem to have happy endings, after rising from the depths of disaster! You gotta love a gal who can take a seemingly bad situation and always come out happy and greatful.
luv ya, girl

Anonymous said...

Who's a star??? Roxie's a star!! Who's the queen???? Roxie's the queen!

DOn't you love all this gooey affirmation crap? (Hee hee, I said gooey and crap in the same sentence!) And yes, I'll be offended if you delete that sentence. I mean it...don't you do it!!!


FlipFlop Mom said...

This does NOT surprise me!!! You are AWESOME!! I would LOVE to sit in on one of your classes!!! YOU DO ROCK!!!!

Beth said...

You should combine all of your stories into a book or be a standup comic or just keep posting them on your blog - whatever suits you best.

Tam said...

Hello it is Sunday...and well just sending you some blog love gal!!! later gator..

Mandy said...

I'm so glad you had such a great experience. You of course rock and I'm excited people are getting to see your expertise! I love the layouts too! We will need to catch up sometime! We miss you out here in cold cold and snowy Idaho!

ybus said...

I'm so glad it all went well for you. The layouts are beautiful.


pinktomato said...

now you know youre a chick that rox under pressure :-)

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