Friday, March 7, 2008

So far this morning....

...I've taken care of a sick puppy.

...I've taken said puppy out to potty/poopy 3 times.

...I've changed 2 diapers. (one of each kind :P )

...I've checked backpacks, signed notebooks, checked for lunches, got 2 kids dressed
and ready for school and to the bus stop on time. (with teeth brushed, too!)

...I've taken a shower, gotten dressed and ready.

I've checked email, replied to email and enjoyed the pretty snow falling.
('s snowing....AGAIN!)

...I've called and made appt. w/ pediatrician for this morning.

...I've gotten a 3 yr. old girl dressed and ready to go.....even though she reminds me
every 2 minutes that she's big and she can "do it by myself!!"

...I've talked to my boss on the phone, making me run late for pediatrician.

...I've called and moved pediatrician appt. back by 15 minutes, so I don't leave w/ wet hair.

...I've taken J to the pediatrician and found out his finger rash is excema that is
extremely irritated and now infected.

...I've taken J & M to the drive-thru at McD's to feed them breakfast before running J
to school.

...I've taken J to school, talked to the principal and his teacher, all while dropping him off.

...I've dropped off 2 prescriptions at the pharmacy for J's finger.

...I've come home and played with M and watched Dora with her.

...I sorted M's laundry and started washing all of it.

...I've cleaned off my scrapbook table and started to organize my piles.

...I've scanned thru a DVR'd American Idol from 2 weeks ago to see who got booted. (yes, I am
2 weeks I've sheltered myself so I don't know from others what's happened.)

...I've made M and my lunch.

...I typed this mundane list.

It's no wonder I can't get anything done!!!!!!!!!!!


Tam said...


So do you want my list of what I have done today???

Hint: I am still in my PJ'S and it is 1:30. LOL GOOD LIST and very busy!!!!! Hope all goes well and hey I miss your comments on my blog..send me some blog love baby!

OOO I almost forgot yesterday I was at Tuesday Morning and I got some scrapbooking kits (like I needed them) they were only 4.99. Hopefully I will post pictures of the stuff. They have stuff I will not use but you know I will send it to you when I stop being a slug! I just do not have an use for Ribbon and brads and all!

Karen said...

I'd say you got quite a bit accomplished! I'd be pretty darn proud of myself. What did the dr. say to use on Excema?
Drew has a bad spot on his cheek.

Stacy said...

Hmmmm......all this sounds familiar. I have days when the tires just spin and the rubber never meets the road. Then I have days when the rubber stays hot on the road and nothing at home gets done!

but its not like you are sitting on the couch watching Morey Povich and eating Bon Bons! You DID GET A LOT DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, if by anything you mean anything you wanted to do! ha, ha

i'm figuring out you simply can't have it bothe ways, full time job or noT!!!!!!!!


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