Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Quick Hi! and updatey from ME!!

Hi everyone!!!

We'll try this and see if it works. My internet connection seems to suck in this hotel.
Apparently hates pictures, because it won't let me upload anything to anywhere.
(well, it will do it, but it took me F.O.R.E.V.E.R.!!!! to upload my Design Team photographs tonight to the point of me wanting to strangle myself with my LAN cord!! J/K, of course! :)

So...I am exhausted and will have myself in the bed within 2 minutes of posting this!

Awesome day....started out with compliments in the elevator about the scarf that
super-sweet Kara made and brought to me as a gift for me! It's so cute and I love it! In fact, the woman loved it so much, she wanted one, too. And since Kara sells them in her Etsy shop, she happened to have another with her she had brought for herself! So....she sold it right then! So, I have a "twin" in Portland and when we all introduced ourselves, it was none other than Laine Ehman of Simple Scrapbooks!! How cool is that?!?! And...come to find out, Laine has an Etsy shop, too. I guess I should consider getting one!! :) (note to Laine: I apologize if I spelled any part of your name incorrectly!!! If you google it, it comes up w/ many different possible spellings!!)

So, I know you wanna see my I have to get a picture and post it. (I know, I know....last time it was my haircut I promised pics of, but now I have a new, rockin' haircut fixed by my hair stylist in Tulsa before I left! (another $38 spent on haircuts/tips for the week, for those who are counting.) Anyways, I'll try to get a pic tomorrow of the scarf and my hair. So, how's that for making it up to you guys?!

Oh, never's a cute pic of Laine rocking the new scarf right here on her blog. And look what she said about me..... "this cute girl in the elevator" is ME!!! :D

So, we got to the convention center and went right to work!

And.....about 20 minutes later, guess who walked right by our booth....close enough to TOUCH HER?!?!?! ALI EDWARDS!!!!

Holy Cow! I was so excited!
But, alas, I was working, so I didn't get to talk to her. Boo Hoo!
Maybe tomorrow......

Worked super hard!
Sold a bunch of reallllly COOL, Zutter Bind-It-All's! (like 40 or so, I think...)

Oh. My. Heck....this machine is *spectacular*!!!!
And my super-fabulous boss is giving me one!!!
Isn't she the best!?!?!?! (Thanks, KIM!)

Our other super cool thing we have in our booth is the

Check this baby out at Scrapbooks 'n Stickers!!

It's awesome, it was given awards by CHA 2007, for Most Innovative New Product

and also a

Creating Keepsakes Magazine Reader's Choice recognition!

Believe me, it's so cool!

And talk about's a scrapper's version of the WILD, WILD WEST!!!

"I can adhere 12x12 sheet of cardstock in 73 seconds with my new Glue Glider Max!!!"

Ok....I must go to bed now. It's late. I'm 2 hours over in time zones and my body is rebelling!

Miss to you soon!


Tam said...

Hey all this sounds so super duper Cool. I am glad you are having a good time. I just got back from a dinner from H*$LL at Paneras. H puked all over the place and well I love Panera and I am not sure I can ever eat there again. IT was bad! O the life of being a MOM. I am so so so glad to read your blog and know you are having fun!!! Love YA

ScrapHappy said...

You are so funny! I had such a great time meeting you and Kara.
I'll look for you in Mesa -- will you be there for CKC??

Kara said...

i loves you more than lain!! lol. ;)
i had so much fun with you girlie....the light rail thing ROCKED. pretty darn cool.
i miss you already....but check out my blog for some love!!!

ScrapHappy said...

Just tagged you on my blog!

Tam said...

OK your recovery time is almost up and expect a post really soon on all the amazing fun YOU had!!!

Anonymous said...

Um..did they kill you and bury you up there in Portland? Check in with us lady! :)

Tam said...

My daily check on rox!

lynn said...

hey girl- can't wait to hear more, and um.....
you've been tagged (SORRY!)

Anonymous said...

Where the heck are you? Did Barkley (Cereal Killer) hold true to his original name??? - Karen

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