Sunday, March 9, 2008

Overheard in my house......

So, Ike was playing with our puppy, Barclay, tonight.

He's playing with him, getting him all wired and riled up. It's hilarious to watch, because Barclay thinks he's so much "bigger" than he is!

Well, they are playing tug of war with a mitten found abandoned on the floor. And once Barclay finds something we want him to give to us, he thinks it's great fun to play "keep away" or "tug of war" with us!! Sometimes, he gets so excited, he'll growl when we try to take it.

So, Ike says, " Oh, Barclay...your so vicious!!"
To which Marinne replies, "Momma, Barclay is so DELICIOUS!!!!!!"

No, my darling daughter...
...YOU are the one who is DELICIOUS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's adorable! ;)

Tam said...

It still boggles my mind....what are you doing with a puppy??? Is this going to happen to me when P turns 3 and I realize that I need another BABY...hmm that is one way I can go girly and get a girl puppy! OOO think of all the pink and hey I have lots of cool pink paper to do a scrapbook for a little girl puppy!!! Yeah still not feeling it...I just do not think I could take care of a doggy anytime in the NEAR future. When the Cats all go to kitty Heaven...I am taking a long break from Animals!!!! I want to travel! Like hey maybe to Kansas lol lol

Stacy said...

So stinkin cute!!

pinktomato said...

i'm with tam. when my dogs die i am done. but marinne is so cute! and ok so is barclay - did you guys name him after barclay (broccoli) from Star Trek? lol!

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