Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best week ever!!!

I just want to give Big Daddy a shout out!

What a great, great week!
I love you so very much.
You know you rock.

This one's for you....


Anonymous said...

You're one hot mama!!
I'm glad you had such a great trip to Cali, it sounds like a blast! Miss you!

Cecile said...

You have the prettiest blue eyes!!
I found your blog from over at Jamie's:))
Glad you had a great time I am sooo jealous you got to travel and to top it off pick out new scrapbooking stuff!! What a life!!

Tam said...

What is that look in your eyes???? hmmm good picture!!!! hmmmm hey this pic is really really good!!!

Anonymous said...

Dang've got your DSL's on...go get 'em tiger! (I'm high-fivin' Big Daddy!)

karen said...


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hey Sherry...Miss you, too!

Hi Cecile! Glad to meet you!

Hey Tam! I love this picture!

Dang J...I don't even know what DSL's is? But knowing you, it's something kinky!

And Karen....I wasn't being TMI, just being lovey-dovey to my guy ;)

Tam said...

I know Rox that picture Rocks!!! Did you take it yourself????? YOU have a dang good camera rocks! I love that color lipstick on YOU is it new...this is a really good picture...what does Big Daddy think of this picture???

Tam said...

OOO and you should put this picture up on your shows how much Weight YOU have lost...I can so tell in this picture!!!!!!!!!

Kara said...


Kara said...

kidding, kidding!
i loved your world win projects! super cool! and oh so GREEN!
go earth!

Anonymous said...

Ok...let's see...if I put on bright red or pink lipstick Big Dave will say, "you've got your DSL's on." Is that a good enough hint? How 'bout this...we'll do it piglatin style for the minors...

ickday uckingsay ipslay

heee heee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

the real ~Roxann~ said...


Jamie...ya, I knew I had heard that saying before come from your lips!!! I just couldn't remember what it was....until last night at about 11:45pm. I was laying in bed and all of a sudden, it came back to me what you were saying!!! :O

And then you wrote it in pig latin! Oh, the horror of it all!!!

The funniest part you were writing this. I was talking to Amber on the phone. Asking her if she thought the photo was "risque'" and she says no.

Then, I had to explain to her what DSL was. (her guess was dang sexy look..)

Geez, guys. Can't I have a sexy picture?! Just one! 'Cause you know I am so not the "sexy" type. More like the "stay at home mom" type. Normal. Chilled out style. Prefers pj's to clothes. That type.

Ike took the picture about 6 weeks ago. I think it's cool.

Tam said...

I love the picture! It is not to risque! It is a better picture than any that people go to those Glamour Shot places and have done! Big Daddy did a great job taking this picture!!!! HMM about six weeks ago....I know that look in your eyes then!!!! That is the look of diamonds! He bought you that wonderful necklace at that auction! I KNOW!!!! OOO

Tam said...

ok this is between just you and ME ROXIO!!!

finance the college fund

lol if you don't get it I will not explain

*Southern Beall* said...

Great pic! BEAUTIFUL eyes!!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...


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