Saturday, March 22, 2008

So....who wants to hear about San Francisco?!?!

So, the night before I was to leave for San Francisco, guess who got sick?! Yep, it was me! Now I know that it was food poisoning, but at the time, I didn't know what was wrong. I just knew I was severely ill.

Ike kept telling me there was no way I could go. But, I wanted to go. I had to go.
I had a non-refundable plane ticket and I had 2 classes to teach. So, I took a handful of Immodium AD and one of my $39/a pill, anti-nausea drugs left over from my pregnancy with Marinne. (yes, slightly expired, but I was desperate!!) And I got on a plane to Denver.

When I made my connection in Denver, I was still ill, but feeling better.
The medicines were working. My main problem was that I had only slept a total of 50 minutes before we left at 4am for the airport. I was

So, I tried to cut my layover time down and get to San Francisco a bit quicker by trying to get an earlier standby flight out of Denver. So, I sat at the gate wondering if I would make the earlier flight. I was literally the last person given a ticket. And when I went aboard, I was OVERJOYED to find out this was a HUGE airplane and they had given me a seat in

So, as I am sitting there getting settled into my nice, cushy reclining seat. (with lumber support and a massaging feature, I might add!) I had so much room, I couldn't even touch the the seat in front of me with my feet!
It was awesome!!!!'s the only way to fly!

And before taking off....the CAPTAIN came back to First Class to introduce himself to us. I was so impressed. So, I took a pic w/ my phone.
Here he is...
...the Captain of my flight!!

So, this flight was fantastic. I didn't sleep, but I did rest.
And I was super comfy! And they fed me breakfast! Yay!
(I didn't even know they fed people on planes anymore!)

So, when we got to San Fran....I had beat Amber and Aly there.

So, I sat and chilled out while I waited for Amber.

And we had made plans with Leah for My Scrapbook Nook. So, Leah picked Amber and I up and gave us a wonderful tour of the city while we waited for Aly's delayed flight. (delayed by like 4 hours!)

First, we went by the Pier. I really enjoyed the boats. I really wish some had their sails up, that would have been even more beautiful.
And of course, I had to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
I know, I know.
A totally tourist-y thing to do...but I was so excited to see it!

And here are Amber and Leah......before the trip to CA, I thought they were just online friends from the Nook. Turns out, they grew up together! I just hadn't heard the story before. So, that was nice for them to get to catch up on old times and family news!
(note: isn't Amber's baby belly just the cutest?!?!)

And, here I am on the beach.. was FREEZING!!!

And, as a shout out to my boss... ode to Scrapbooks 'n Stickers for bringing me to CA!

And here are Amber and I sitting at the edge of the beach.
It was so beautiful there!!

The next place we went was called the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. You can read about it there by clicking on the last tab that says PFA History. It was the most beautiful place!!
So peaceful. So gorgeous. It's one of Leah's favorite places and I can see why!

  • And, of course, I have to have some silly pictures, too...
In this one I was going for the girl in the dancing with the rose in her mouth.... It seemed funny at the time, but now just appears goofy!
At least it's a good picture!!

And this last picture is for my darling, Logan!
It's of the turtles on the bank. He loves turtles!!!
Now after all that, Aly finally made it in and we all went to The Scrapbook Nook store!! And we were so busy drinking in all the scrappy lusciousness and SHOPPING...we didn't take one picture at The Nook! Duh!! But, Amber got some of the most yummy giant Prima's in a can and I got some Stickles (adding to my collection--I couldn't buy much, as my suitcase already weighed 50.0 lbs when I left Kansas!!) and Aly got some of the most gorgeous October Afternoon paper (which is what I would have bought if I had room to bring it home!) If you haven't seen it, go thee to the October Afternoon website and check their stuff out. I love it!! Anyway, it was so much fun to shop at the Nook! It's a big LSS and it's jam packed full of goodies! So, if you are in San Francisco....go to the Nook! You'll love it!

Then, we all went to dinner at Red Robin! It was yummy!
And we decided we should probably head to Pleasanton. (1 hour drive)

So...the Scrapbook Expo show was great!
Here are some pics of the booth!

Yummy KaiserCraft rub-ons and acrylic paints and Prima Crystals!
Grungeboard and new Teresa Collins paper! Closeups of the my new friend, Teresa Collins' lines! They are Splendid! FYI Teresa.....Journal It was gone on the first day and Bella Girl and Damask were nearly gone by the 2nd day! People love it!!!! YAY!
(In fact, it sold so fast...I didn't get any!! Boo Hoo!!!)

And my favorite stuff....Bind-It-All and Glue Gun Max!!!!
And then there is the story of my classes......
which will be detailed in my next post!!

It was so awesome, it deserves it's own post! :D


Tam said...

OOOO what great Pictures of YOU SF looked like lots of fun!!!! I can not wait until your next POST

Stacy said...

Oh Roxio! Sorry about getting sick...bummer!!

Your photos make me home sick! Yep, Now I'm home sick for California!! I want to go back ~ all those places, I've been to many times!! So dang cool!!!!

It looks like you enjoyed yourself and had a blast! You are so dang cute!!

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