Monday, January 28, 2008

Heh....heh...heh....lookie what I found this morning:

It's my day at Scrapbooks 'n Stickers!!!!

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January 28, 2008

And Our Next Member

For the next one (and these are not in any particular order), I am proud to introduce to you a very talented girl who I had the pleasure of meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Creating Keepsakes Convention. She had e-mailed wanting to help us in our booth and not only did we have a ball of fire kicking in the booth, but I also made a great new friend. Introducing to you Roxann Walker.


Roxann lives in Kansas with her husband and four children. She is going to do some traveling with us this year, so look for her at a few shows doing make & takes or keeping the booth exciting & happy! This is a photo of a booth display that Roxann made with Fancy Pants' Holly Jolly papers. We have all of the girls making display signs for the paper lines we are carrying and are going to have you vote on the best one throughout the year!! I love hers - all that ribbon is just yummy!Holly_jolly_sign

Aww.....that's so nice!! Wasn't expecting that on a the week's off to a great start!!!! And Kim!!! You rock!! See ya in a few weeks!!!!!! :)


Tam said...

OOO that Rocks and Rocks!!!! Congrats Girl!!!

I was gone one day and I feel like a missed so much!!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

That picture of you is FABULOUS!! I LOVE IT!! So you're going to travel.. huh??? Is that the one that comes to NH in May???? I never get a chance to go.. :(

Tam said...

good morning just stopping by for my daily check in and plus it lets you know I was here!!

EFW said...

Congrats! We are very proud of you!

Kate O'Brien said...

That is so great! So happy for you!

I need to spend a little time over here and re-do your blog for you! Email me and I'll get with you on that okay?

Tam said... morning check in on you! ttyl

SAR girls said...

Stopping by to say "Hi"! I'm
Jan (3boymom) from SBO. Your blog is fantastic-full of crazy creative energy! :)

Tam said...

Hello my daily check!

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