Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And now....


Can you believe it?
Me, neither.

Crazy weather!!!


Tam said...


I see you survived the in law visit! I was beginning to wonder if she had stepford you some how lol The New Movie The Stepford Daughter In Laws staring The REAL ROX. (and Tam too...would my mil recreate me in to a Korean wife)

Hey ladies that would make a good question....what would your MIL make you in to??? If she could Stepford YOU

OK did this one make you laugh because it sure did me!

Tam said...

O by the way...my mil called and everytime I picked the phone up over the holidays....She hung up. When R answered she talked to him. She told him she did not mean to hang up on me...can you just picture it or what lol lol lol

ugg I got so mad that I called her back and said...hi this is Tam...that is all I got out b4 she hung up on me. I had to prove to R that she was doing it on purpose. You know him...he said nothing...with that look like a deer caught in front OF MY SUV! lol lol

Karen said...

My MIL would stepford me into her. That is the only person who would be acceptable to be married to her son. Glad you survived...blog about it soon! As someone once said to me...ah skip your lunch break and update us now!

Tam said...

Hello My daily check in on your blog!

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