Monday, January 7, 2008

Well, CRAP!!!!!

I wanted to do a super-duper MEGA post, but I just can't seem to get the time/energy to do it.

~Marinne has bacterial conjunctivitis. Where she got it...I have no idea. Must have been the grocery store, as we have been no where else. (Last week I was swamped with my CHA project, designing it, executing it and perfecting it.) So, I had been no where else EXCEPT...the pediatrician last Wednesday for Marinne's 3 year old checkup/shots. And 2 days later...whammo! She has the EYE GUNKIES/pinkeye!

She looks awful. We have to do 3 drops in each eye, waiting 1 minute in between the drops (ya, like 1 minute is long enough to calm her down before doing it again!) And we are doing this 4 times a day. It's killing me. And so far, it's not working.

~Kids are back in school, so it's weirdly quiet around here.

~I am getting a Fed Ex from my boss at Scrapbooks 'n Stickers tomorrow and I have some last minute projects for CKC-Houston, which is in a week in a half. Guess what I'm going to be doing for the rest of the week!?!?!?! I'll be very busy.....

~Still working on my "Christmas" letter, which has now been converted into a "New Years" letter and at the rate I'm going, may even be a Happy Valentines Day letter!!
Hee Hee Hee!! (would you really expect it to be on time from me?!?!?!)

Ok, to the grocery store. We have no bread!!

xoxoxo ~ Roxann


Tam said...

O poor M and P is also having some sickness. P can not seem to shake it.

I knew you were hiding down in that basement creating! It is like your own little private world! Sounds fun. I did a little scrapbooking this weekend. I went to a FRI nite crop. The gals I scrap with...I named us the Plain Jane Scrappers...we use paper, scissors, adhesive and a few stickers but nothing fancy and lol we try to see who can get the most pages done...because we are all so far behind lol lol Just old traditional Anyway glad to here you are creating! Looking forward to all your posts from Christmas Forward!

Anonymous said...

cool compresses feel good on irritated red pink eyes. if you have time. sounds like you have your hands full and could use mine. good luck!

Tam said...

my daily check on the World of to you soon!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

What's wrong with Plain Jane?!?! Nothing wrong with that at's just "old school" style!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Cat...I tried the compresses....she won't have anything to do with that!

Overall, this experience has been hell!

Tam...remember when m was a baby and she had the clogged eye ducts for her first 7 months! Ack! This is 20x worse than that!

Sherry said...

Poor baby, I hope she is better soon! I can't wait to see what you've been making!!

Tam said...

Actually I am thinking about a new scrapbook phase...speed Let's have a contest to see who can scrap the most pages in a I have been looking at tons of scrapbook ideas and man are they time that is why I started calling us Plain I hope it made you laugh! I mean really Old School. Ok you will love this...I had to stop one of the gals and put my foot down...we may be old school but I lent her my Zig pens because she was using Crayola Markers...I mean it. I had to draw the line and we all had a big laugh. Plus she liked the zig and is getting some. LOL I may be old school but I can not have someone use office supplies or kids supplies to write in the book....nightmare...I could just see those pages ruining. lol lol It was all comical...I wish you had been there!!!!! Plus she is new to the world of scrapbooking. I told her ok but just no crayola! lol lol Everything else she had was great...K and Company and stuff but then Crayola...what up with that???? I had to say nicely mind you...let me help you out a little and see what you got. She even had a Creative Memory tape runner.

O yes and poor M had that duct surgery!!!! I remember all that poor baby Girl!!! Give her tons of kisses from Aunt T. I need to clean out my doll closet and send her some. I need to get rid of these things...I have boys!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Oh my goodness! It's so funny that people don't think of that. I have a very talented scrapper friend who uses SKOTCH TAPE to anchor things on the back of layouts!!! IT FREAKING KILLS ME!!! I mean, seriously, what is the point of using expensive paper, embellishments, photos and scrapbooking adhesive on the page only to turn it around and use SKOTCH TAPE on the back. Just pour some ACID on there why don't you?!?!?!? :O Anyway, that tape will disintegrate over time.....why not just use an extra photo split to hold that down?!?!?! AGH!

(and yes, I spelled skotch tape wrong on purpose, so it doesn't pick the word up in a search engine....)

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