Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Stinkin' Great Birthday Party!!

Happy Birthday Little Stinker!!! You're birthday was fantastic! We had a terrific time! Mommy planned a "skunk" party for you because I call you my little skunky girl. All the decorations were hot pink and black and it was super fun!

I ordered you a special cake....it was pink and black, with sweet little flowers. Your cupcakes were black with a white stripe down the middle, just like a skunk! It was very cute! You even tried to blow out your candles, but ended up needing a little help from mommy, daddy and brothers. When you got the candles blown out, you were quite proud of yourself and you smiled and clapped. (Since you don't understand the make a wish part, mommy made a wish for you....it's a secret, though, so I can't tell you what it is! I can only tell you it's good!)

And I think we can say from observing this "finger lickin' good" picture that you much enjoyed your birthday cake!

Here's a pic of your 2nd piece of cake....what exactly did you do to this poor piece of cake?? It looks like you had fun eating!

Your family and friends were very sweet and generous with their gifts! You are a very lucky girl! But, really, I feel like the lucky one...to be your mom and to get to spend everyday with you! Happy 2nd Birthday Darling!

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Amber said...

stinkin' cute pics...... must have taken them with your super cook new camera that big daddy gave you.... LOL- adorable... it's like she's your only girl or something. How fun- sorry we missed it!

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