Sunday, December 24, 2006

"Oh, my!"

"Oh, my!"

These are the absolutely wonderful words uttered by birthday girl ~M~ at her party as she opened each and every gift. I just about cried because those words make her sound so grown she knew just what she should say to make each of her guests feel like they had purchased just the perfect gift for her. She seemed so surprised by each gift she opened and responded each time with, "Oh, my!"

"Oh, my!" is right, her mommy is not ready for her to be THIS big!! I often refer to her as my baby girl but in my defense, she IS my baby girl! But it's days like this when I am reminded how big she really is and how much she has learned and how much she's grown. And it makes my heart happy to see my little princess develop into the sweet little girl she is.

Happy Birthday Princess! You mommy loves you more than you could ever know!!

P.S. It's Christmas Eve and time is tight....more birthday pics/thoughts to follow in the next post!

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