Thursday, December 7, 2006

THE far, no response

To Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx'x Cleaning Service,

I want to call you, but honestly, I am too angry and disappointed to do so. I’m afraid of what I might say to you.

I thought the house looked good when I first walked in, but upon further inspection, I did not get $120 worth of work. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!

There were specific things I asked to be done in the kitchen, things you “wrote down” and agreed to do….and some of these things WERE NOT DONE. Specifically, wiping out the inside of the oven. I had run the Self-cleaning cycle and all that’s left in there is the ash….that needs to be wiped out. It was the first thing I mentioned to you on the phone. THIS IS NOT A HARD JOB, but I’m exhausted and I thought I could count on you to do it! But, for whatever reason….you DID NOT DO IT.

The second thing was the dusting in the kitchen. I know the fan blades were done prior to your arrival by my husband, but he could not reach the top of the fan from the floor. He didn’t get the ladder and do it because he KNEW you were coming and we were paying you to clean the kitchen, including the dusting. Ha! Not hardly! The actual motor of the fan that he could not reach is still COATED with dust. There is no way you even touched it! Ixx noticed it as soon as he came home last night.

In addition to that, I told you that I needed the items on top of the cabinets dusted, along with the cabinets. Well, it appears that you dusted things on top of the cabinets, because you moved everything around and even left some of my things down on the kitchen table, but ALL of it, minus the large picture are displaced. Just thrown back up there wherever. It looks TERRIBLE!!!!!!

Now, I couldn’t even let the real estate agent take her interior pictures yesterday because of the MESS YOU LEFT in my kitchen. So now, I have to climb up on the ladder today and do the job of replacing my things on top of the cabinets. This is a job for 2 people and I have to do it by myself. So, I drag the ladder in and climb up, only to find that there are LAYERS of dust on top of the cabinets. Come on over today and I’ll show you the dust on my finger! This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! This job was maybe half-attempted, but certainly not done with the care and depth that you promised me. I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED and quite frankly, I feel ripped off and lied to.

As far as the kitchen goes, I did most of the work, prior to your arrival. I scrubbed the fronts of all the cabinets myself. I washed the walls. I scrubbed the baseboard. I scrubbed and cleaned the grout and the ceramic tile. I even attempted to vacuum the cabinet tops from the floor, which I admitted to you, did not work well. You assured me you would take care of it.

When I was ready to come home before the allotted time you asked for, I assumed you would still be here cleaning. I thought I’d just drive around until you were done. However, I was surprised to find you had already loaded up and gone in such a short period of time. Now I know why………

I hired you to make my life easier, but it didn’t. In fact, it’s given me more stress and I’m pissed I paid you so much for a BAD JOB.

In my opinion, it’s bad business to require someone to pay, until they have had the opportunity to inspect your work. I suppose since I am moving out of state, you looked at me as an easy way to get money and it won’t matter because I won’t be staying here. Bad assumption on your part, because I’m sure I’ll still be here thru the closing of our house when it sells.

Unfortunately for you, you won’t be getting my return business. Unfortunately for you, you won’t be getting my friend’s business. Unfortunately for you, I have a big mouth and I have a lot of friends in this town.


In many situations like this, you should do the job again. But, in this case, I no longer trust you and I’m not sure that I want you in my home!

You should be ashamed of your work and your work ethics!

If you did the right thing, you’d refund my money to me……..

A very, very, very disappointed customer,

Roxann Xxxxxx

Be assured I’ll be calling the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce to make sure this doesn’t happen to other people in Richmond Hill.

***As of Noon on Thursday, I have received no response from them......big mistake. Now, they have to deal with ~I~ who is just as mad as I am.***


Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Uh oh! Geez, after reading that letter, I feel like I'm in trouble! You're mean ol' bad-assed bitch you! Can't wait to see if they respond.

Amber said...

You go girl! hope it works out..... You ROcK!

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