Saturday, December 30, 2006

Good Friends RULE!!!!

To say goodbye to Big Daddy and to reduce our stress good friend "Susan" and her hubby "Dan" had us over for dinner. It was really nice. In fact, it's only the 2nd time we've been to someone's house for dinner in Savannah and last time, it was their house, too. The difference was, it was summer and we had a cookout! But, it was still fun!

Susan and Dan have recently moved into their "dream" house. And it's beautiful!!! I am soooo happy for them. It took all year to get it built, but I'm glad they made it in before Christmas. Anyway, it was really sweet. I only wished we weren't in such a rush to get home and pack Big Daddy for his move and clean the house for our showing at 10am tomorrow.

When we were leaving, hubby thanked Susan for dinner (which was delicious!) and Dan wished him good luck. Very, very nice.

Then, he turned to Susan and said, "Thanks for being such a good friend to Roxann." That's it. I lost it. I officially cried. I have been in such denial.... I'm gonna miss people so badly. Well, some people, and Susan is definately one of those people!!!

Susan is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my whole life! She's smart, funny, kind, generous and a terrific friend! She's there for you at the drop of a hat and she'd do anything to help a friend. She's quiet, but when you get to know her....she's not quiet. She's a really good mother....and her 3 boys love her so much! I love watching her interact with her boys. It's so sweet!!!

We've had so much fun stampin' and scrappin' the night away on many numerous occassions. In fact, we were permanent fixtures in each other's homes almost every night all summer long!!!! I am so happy she finally has her very own scraproom that isn't the dining room!!!! I can't wait to see the creating she does in there!!!! I only wish I was going to be here to do it with her!!! So, someone take care of her when I'm gone....but leave a place for Rachel in her heart!!

~names of the people in this post have been changed......mainly because Dan can't remember my name....but also because this IS the internet, people!!!!!~

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Susan said...

Okay, now I've officially cried!! Stop it already!! We still have a month to go!!! I heart you!

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