Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saying Goodbye Sucks!

Well, he's gone. It was bad. Even worse than I thought it would be. I was trying to be strong, but I caved. I cried. I bawled like a baby. He cried. I felt sorry for him. The kids really cried. Baby ~M~ knows there is something seriously wrong going on, but can't really understand. Poor ~G~ didn't know what hit him! He's only 4 and he was still thinking in terms of "daddy's going to work and he'll be back later," until he saw all of us bawling. Poor little guy. He was crying and crying and saying, "Daddy, come back! Daddy, come back!" It was so sad. Our oldest, ~L~ is having the hardest time. He cried off and on for the 2 hours after daddy left. He seems to be doing better tonight, but I doubt it's over. School will help I think. It will keep him occupied, anyway!

Be careful, Big Daddy. We all need you...... We are going to miss you.

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