Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A note to the Birthday Girl...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea! You are two years old now. It seems like just yesterday I was still pregnant, anticipating your arrival. Now, you're not a baby anymore! You're a big girl, a smart girl, a beautiful girl!

You are a joy to your daddy and me and your big brothers love you so much! You will never know how much you mean to this family! This family wasn't whole, until you came along!

Everyday, I see you growing and learning. You are really a happy girl and so funny, too! You are talking so much! It amazes me how much more talking you do than your brothers did at this age. You amaze us with all your words. And when the words don't come to you as quickly as you need them to, you make us marvel at your cuteness when you jibber-jabber so fast and so serious! It's so cute!

Welcome to the life of a Two-year old! I know you continue to amaze all of us as you make your way to 3!

All my love,

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