Saturday, December 23, 2006

100 Random Facts about ME!

1. I hate watermelon. It's a texture thing and they and any other kind of melon squeebs me out! Yuk! I hate angel flake coconut for the same reason. You couldn't pay me enough money to eat one of those Mounds bars. I know what you're thinking....if I gave you a million dollars, you'd eat it. Well, nope, I probably wouldn't. I would throw up, for sure!!

2. I never get my hair cut. Like once a year, maybe. I just don't have time or take the time to do it. Everytime I get some trendy cut and like 3 weeks later, I'm back to my ponytail/hairclips! I just suck at being trendy!

3. I love doing cross-stitch. I did a huge 11x17 cross-stitch for my mom while I was in college and I haven't finished a project since! I have tons of half-finished projects for when my kids leave home!

4. I love to dance. I miss it. I used to go dancing about 5 or 6 nights a week in college. I am convinced that's how I kept so slim in college.

5. My favorite color is purple, but lately I'm really fond of pink. All shades of pink. I think it must have to do with having a daughter. Light pink and Chocolate Brown. Hot Pink and Black.

6. I've been married for almost 15 years. Man, does that seem like a long time to anyone but me?!?!

7. I almost never eat breakfast. It's a really bad habit. I know I should, but most of the time, I just don't. Who has the time for that?!

8. I suck at video games.

9. I love getting real mail....snail mail! It's so retro!

10. I love movies, but it's hard for me to get time to watch them.

11. The same thing goes for books. I love, love, love to read, but I don't get to read nearly as often as I'd like to!

12. I HATE getting my nails done. I think it's the sanding and the vibrations. Oooohhh. It's everything I can do to sit in that chair and let them do their job. But I hate it the entire time!

13. I LOVE how my nails looked when I had acrylics. They were always so beautiful.

14. I have a terrible habit of biting and picking at my cuticles and the only thing that keeps me from doing it is having my nails done.

15. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education.

16. I miss teaching.

17. I don't think I'll ever go back to teaching, even when my kids are all in school. Now that I am a mom, I feel like I'd be giving my best to the kids in my class and be so sick of kids....I'd be a bad mommy at night. So, instead, I think I'll get a job that makes me happy, like at the scrapbook store, and then I'll be a good mommy.

18. I love caramel. Any kind.

19. My favorite food is Mexican. I could eat it every single day!

20. I love Coca-Cola. I'd drink it every single day, if it wasn't so fattening.

21. I love Napolean Dynamite. And I don't understand how some people don't think this is a terrific and hilarious movie!!! Love it! Love it! Love it! (Gimme some of your tots!!!)

22. Secretly, I'd love to have another baby. But realistically, I know I shouldn't. But the thought of never going thru the whole process makes me so, so sad.

23. I am completely frightened that my husbands vasectomy will fail us and I'll end up pregnant at 40.

24. I think I have adult ADD/ADHD. At least I have serious attention issues.

25. I hate smoking. Seriously. Secretly, I don't like people who smoke and I think they are stupid. Forget smokers rights and all that crap. Chances are, if you are smoking outside, anywhere near my will get the dirtiest look from me, guaranteed!

26. I still think about my mom every single day. I miss her so much!

27. I am a firm believe in "better living thru pharmaceuticals!" CVS here I come!!!!

28. I hate horror movies. Seriously, they scare the crap out of me! (and Ike loves to scare me the few times he's talked me into watching one by grabbing me in the sides during a super scary part. Big meanie!)

29. I love unusual colored/types of roses! Lavender, Fire and Ice, Melon colored, even Yellow!

30. I've never done any drugs. I never would. I never will. Drugs scare me. I've seen firsthand how drugs can ruin a life and there is nothing sadder than this, except death.

31. I'm extremely gullible. Look in the dictionary, under'll find my picture!

32. My husband takes advantage of fact#31 and tells me all kinds of crazy crap....and 9 times out of 10 I believe him, until he starts laughing his butt off at me. (Just ask him the story of blowing out the phone lines to clean them!)

33. Music makes me happy. Inspires me. Makes me cry.

34. My husband inspires me. He's so smart and fearless. He makes everything in life look so easy. I wish I could be like him.....

35. My kids make me so proud.

36. Sometimes my kids disappoint me.

37. Sometimes I dissapoint them.

38. I have a huge fear of failure!

39. It holds me back from doing alot of things I'd like to do.

40. I love Little House on the Prairie. I've read all the books and I've seen every episode numerous times!

41. I am a serious procrastinator. It's a real problem. But, I often do my best work under extreme pressure.

42. I love my name. I'm so glad it's unique.

43. I love to go to the movies, the whole experience of it, but I rarely ever go. It just costs too much.

44. I worry every day that I will fail my kids as a mother.

45. I'm a homebody. I love staying at home. I'd rather do that than anything else!

46. I love lights. Like Christmas lights, emergency vehicle lights, any kind of colored, fancy, dancing lights! I think they are so cool to look at. I used to want a police lightbar for my bedroom. (I know I'm weird.)

47. I am afraid of being victimized again. It's a struggle for me everyday.

48. I am really naive.

49. I can't drink coffee. The only thing I can do is girly, blended coffee drinks. Bring on the Starbucks!!

50. For number 50, I saved an obvious one. I LOVE scrapbooking. I would do nothing else if I could. I wish I could do it everyday. I love the preparation, the process, the result. It makes me feel artistic.

51. Somedays I'd like to be published. (Inspired by A.W.)

52. Most days it seems like too big of a hassle to even attempt it.

53. Most days I don't believe I have the slightest chance of actually being published, even though, there are people who encourage me on and try to convince me I could win.

54. I've been to Hawaii twice and I'd love to go again someday.

55. I lost one of my diamond earrings at Memorial Hospital when baby ~M~ was born. I was so upset. I was crawling around in the labor/delivery room on my hands and knees as soon as I realized it was missing. I had only given birth about 9 hours earlier. I never found it. I was heartbroken (and clearly, nuts!) But now I have a plan to reset the remaining diamond earring into a necklace and we'll give it to baby ~m~ when she turns 16.

56. I am still a little angry my mom died.

57. Sometimes, my life exhausts me.

58. I like doing laundry, just not folding it! There is something satisfying to finding some little boy shirt with a ooky stain on it and working all my laundry magic and getting it out!

59. I hate mice. They gross me out. (but, who doesn't?!) When we found that we had a mouse in Broken Arrow, I turned into a crazed, psycho mouse killer! (ask me about my mouse catching skills....i rock!)

60. I am terrified of snakes! The last time I saw one, it was by our doorway. And although, I'm a little ashamed to admit it. I hit it with a hammer. Repeatedly. And I was shaking like you have never seen a person shake the whole time. (I love Steve Irwin the croc hunter, but I think the guy was a serious psycho playing with snakes and crocs all the time!)

61. I cannot clean out the cat litterbox. It grosses me out so bad. I puke every single time I have to do it!

62. I can clean up kid poop and it doesn't phase me. (Seriously, what's the difference?! Aren't all poos created equal?! I know, I'm weird.)

63. I do not do tampons. I think it comes from growing up in a time where everyone was terrified of Toxic Shock Syndrome. The few times I attempted this, well, let's just say, it went badly. Just ask me about the first time I attempted this in college. (Sorry for the TMI - it's just a fact of life to a girl, though!)

64. I LOVE the show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. And I think Mike Rowe is so sexy in this "dirty" way.

65. I actually like going to the doctor. I grew up being taught to have the highest repect for doctors. You know, things like take a bath and put on clean underwear before going to the doctor... (The clean underwear thing strikes me as so silly, since most of the time they don't see your underwear, unless your going to the OBGYN, and even then, you are taking it off and hiding it under your clothes before the doctor comes in. I am convinced that's some sort of spin-off from your mom telling you to put on clean underwear everyday, just in case you are in an accident!) Anyway, I am amazed at how smart they are and how much knowledge they have. I always learn something when I go to the doctor!

66. I hate going to the dentist. It gives me the heebie jeebies. I'm always afraid they are gonna bust my chops for only using dental floss once or twice a week. And they usually do.

67. Moving to Topeka doesn't scare me at all. It's all the in-between stuff that scares me. (being left in Savannah alone to take care of everything)

68. I love my job at Savannah Scrapbooking.

69. I'm so sad I have to quit. I'm gonna miss everyone so much!

70. I'm gonna miss Savannah, in some ways. In other ways, not so much.

71. I grew up on sweet tea, but now that I live in the South, I can't stand it. Give me my tea unsweetened w/lemon and with a side of Sweet-n-Low.

72. I love Chick-Fil-A tea.

73. For that matter, I love Chick-Fil-A. Everything about it. Give me a CFA sandwich, waffle fries and Polynesian sauce. Mmmm, mmm good!

74. When I moved to Savannah, I used to hang out a Chick-Fil-A because it made me feel less lonely. (I know...I'm weird.)

75. Sometimes I am still shocked I have FOUR kids!

76. I have serious insomnia issues. I am often up till 3 or 4 am.

77. I have a serious scrapbooking supply addiction. And I love it!

78. I love stamping, as well. I love creating. I seeing a design in my head and bringing it to fruition on a card for someone I love.

79. I am not prejudiced, but living in the South has really made it harder for me to continue to say this.

80. I love Christmas baking. I love to make all this really cool, delicious food and sharing it with people. (It stinks I couldn't do it this year with the house on the market. I am way too messy of a baker to do that this year!)

81. I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. If it's going well, I love it. If it's not, I hate it.

82. I'm afraid I'm going to unknowingly do something that blows up my computer! Ike swears to me over and over that I can't hurt it, but I am always worried that I will!

83. I'm a serious 80's girl! I love 80's music and movies! (Come over and we'll watch one!)

84. I wish my mother-in-law would accept me once and for all.

85. I'm afraid of dissapointing my husband.

86. I love giving people gifts. I love making them happy.

87. I wish I could count on my dad.

88. I miss my brother and his family so much. I can't wait to be closer to them.

89. I have really terrific friends. Most of them would do ANYTHING for me if I asked them to.

90. I wish I wasn't so short. I've always wanted to be taller.

91. I won 1st place in the 1969 Tulsa Baby Beauty Pageant. I have 2 trophys and some certificates.

92. I go overboard on my kids birthday parties. I make sure everything matches the theme and I tend to overachieve a little bit.

Fact, ~m's~ 2nd b-day is today and I have altered stuffed skunks to make them match her birthday colors, hand-stamped her invitations, 100 napkins and the wrapping paper on her gifts and sewed 16 fabric bags for candy! Yep, clearly, I am insane.

93. I love Grey's Anatomy and I've been watching it since the first episode, before everyone in America was addicted to this show.

And in the McDreamy vs. McSteamy's McDreamy all the way!!! (remember I'm an 80's girl....I thought Patrick Dempsy was cute back in his earlier, more embarrassing movies, such as Can't Buy Me Love)

94. Sometimes I say really stupid things that I wish I could take back.

95. Technology scares me. (intimidates me, really.)

96. I love to watch my children sleep.

97. I love celebrity gossip. I love People magazine, but I refuse to order it because it's just too expensive!

98. I love my family so much, sometimes I feel like my heart will burst!!

99. I wish I was a better mother.

100. I am so sick and freaking tired of this list. It was harder than I thought it would be to come up with 100 things!!!!

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