Saturday, December 6, 2008


On the weekend before Griff's birthday, his teacher sent him home with Max and a giant backpack full of fun things for him to do. There was a journal, which we had been instructed to fill out about Max's adventures with Griffin.

There was also books along w/ read-along tapes. And a book of Science experiments to try out. So, we set out making the plans for the weekend w/ Max.

We decided first to try a Science experiment. Griffin picked one with apples.
We were to take an apple and cut it into pieces. We made a chart to place them on. One apple was supposed to be left alone. One was to be sprinkled with water. And the last one, we were to sprinkle with lemon juice. Then, we were to check the apples in 3 hours. And then, in 12 hours. So, we did the first one a dinnertime and checked it at bedtime and there was very little change. Except the apple left alone was just barely brownish.

Then, in the morning, we checked them all again. The apple left alone was completely brown, the one with water was slightly browned and the one in lemon juice was still almost completely perfect. Then, we talked about why it would be this way.
Griffin thought this was so cool!!!
On Saturday, Max got to ride in the car so we could go to Chuck-E-Cheese as part of an early birthday celebration.

I think it's safe to say, Max really enjoyed himself!!!
When we left CEC, we went to Toys R Us because they had sent him a giftcard for $3.00. So, of course, Griffin picked a giant box of Nerds candy.They gave him a birthday crown and a balloon to wear while doing his shopping.
So, this worked out well for when we were having him look around to make his birthday list of things he wanted. (it was a good thing his real birthday was still a few days away! We had some major shopping to do!!!)

When we got home, we had a tired boy and a tired bunny!!
Goodnight Griffin and Goodnight Max!!

Then, on Sunday afternoon, Griffin and Max were going to read/listen to the books on tape...which seemed like a good idea, until the tape player ate the cassette tape.
(Now I remember why CD's and IPod's are AWESOME!!!!)
So, Griffin kinda freaked out, but I told him I'd offer to pay for the tape so Miss Anderson could get a new one and then he was happy.

All in all, I think Griffin and Max had a great weekend!!!!

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Tam said...

OOOO That is was FUN! That is cool and Max is the Cutest thing! Call me or let me know when I can call YOU!

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