Wednesday, December 17, 2008


...why don't you ask my brain that?!

Because I woke up for the second morning before 5:30am and I CANNOT shut my brain off.


I have all these crazy (and not so crazy) thoughts swirling around in my head. My gosh, there is so much to do/remember/think about when you move across the country. I am so petrified I am going to forget something obvious.

So, I know you are thinking, "Hey Roxann...why don't you make a list?!" Well, of course, my friends I have done that. I have 3 pages of notes in a spiral notebook. But, I am worried I have forgotten something. And considering, we aren't "completely moving" at this point, it makes it a little different this time.

You see....after doing this cross-country move 2x before, we decided that this time, we just can't stand to be apart. You see when we moved to Georgia, Ike went first and the kids and I stayed for about 5 weeks with Ike living in Georgia without us. It was HARD. So hard, that we moved after 5 weeks and all of us lived in a 1 room Marriott hotel for 3 weeks. Yep, that's 5 people in a hotel room...including a toddler. Ask me how fun that was?!?!? Ha ha!

When we moved to Kansas, again, Ike moved without us. This time was even harder because we had another child (baby girl) and she was only a week into her 2nd year when daddy left. This time we made it 4 weeks apart and then moved to KS and lived in our house with no furniture or anything for almost a week. (yep, slept on the floor on a blow-up mattress, which was great until on the 3rd night Jensen's cat dug his nails into it and then the mattress was a lost cause!!) At least we had heat!! Because it was freezing in Kansas!

So, this time, we decided that we were all going together.


So, we were committed to making that happen. So, we are moving into corporate housing. We will be taking only the bare essentials with us. (ya know...clothes, personals, important papers in the safe...that kind of stuff) We just can't take it all right now. There would be no place to put it. We are moving into a 3-bedroom condo and it looks really nice on the internet, but we know that with 6 of us, we know it's still going to be cramped.

So, for me, I know I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T live w/out my scrapbook stuff for up to 4 months (which is how long we could be living in this least, this is how long Ike's company is paying for it....while we try to sell our house in Kansas.) So, I am trying to pack the BARE ESSENTIALS....meaning my basic supplies....and then some MUST HAVE stuff.
But, if you are a designer like me, the thought of not having access to my beloved supplies is about to give me a fit! But, the reality is, I can only take a SMALL PORTION of my STASH! Which completely sucks!!!! (ha ha ha! poor me!!!) And this is giving my panic!

Many people are asking can you just move and leave you stuff behind. (not just scrapbooking stuff, but all your stuff?!) Well, it's quite simple. We've learned the hard way, that being together is more important than the stuff.

After all, it's just STUFF!!

If someone stole our stuff, would I be upset. Well, of course, I would. But, again, it's just

It can be replaced.

Our family and being together is what it's all about.

And considering Big Daddy starts his job on Monday, Dec. 22nd, the thought of spending Marinne's birthday (the 23rd) and Christmas and New Years apart, was just too much to bare. So, we just AREN'T doing that. We are going...TOGETHER!

Besides, we have two of the nosiest neighbors ever, who as annoying as it's been while we've been here, will come quite in handy now that we are leaving all our stuff! (Seriously, we call one of the ladies, Mrs. Kravitz...ya know, the nosy neighbor on the classic show Bewitched!) So, she will keep an eye on things...and she'll tell my friend Kelly, who will keep me informed and who has a key to the house, so she can keep an eye on things! It will be ok. It has to.

Ok, well, I've chattered on for over 30 minutes and it's 6:30am.

Time to wake up the sometimes moody 7th grader and get him movin'!

Talk to you soon, my lovelies!
I miss you.


Tam said... are wound up tight...RELAX, Breath, and ENJOY this adventure! IT will have its moments but I think it will be FUN! YOU need to rest and not give herself a headache with all the worrying! I will send up prayers...that you sell quickly. Seriously..Bury a St help my prayers along! Take care and HUGS to YOU ALL!

jamietg said...

I'm with Tam, definitely bury the Saint. ;) And who knows, maybe the pared down lifestyle will have some profound effect on your scrapping and you'll come up with the latest and greatest scrapbooking fad. (Like when simple scrapbooking hit the scene.) Love ya!

Beth B. said...

Roxann - I'm sure you're one very organized mom & scrapper. You will live through this and being together is the most important thing. Even though you'll be in a cramped space - think vertical storage and plastic bins. When my girlfriend had to move into a hotel room with a family of 4 for 5 months she was all about the plastic bins. Good luck. You haven't said where in Ohio you'll be landing. Good luck with the move and all the family celebrations in the next couple of weeks.

Grizellie said...

Ahh, you can do it! You are superwoman!!! Atleast you will have Target:) We moved to Italy with no "stuff" except clothes. We have been in more hotels since August than in my whole life. We lived in this current house for 3 weeks with no furniture also in the cold:) We do have heat. Oh and all this while trying to learn basic Italian, how to get around and how to not blow the circuit breaker...*smile* If I can do it you can 100% do it! Best of luck! Being together will help you get through all the kinks. Also remember, if you forget something...go to Target;)

Sherry said...

I have all the confidence in the world that everything will be fine. You hold everything together so well. Be safe and good luck with the move. Don't keep us hangin' though!!!

EFW said...

Be safe and have a good trip. Or as good a trip as you can have in a car with 4 kids!!! Love ya!

Alex Ann said...

Good Luck Sister-Friend!!!!!!!!!! Hey, at least you will be sort-of driving distance from me now :)

"That's what she said!" TTYS

EFW said...

Danny wants you to know that he made Buckeye Candy last week!
He says they were delicious!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Breathe easy'll all be over before you know it. Have fun a long the way! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. :)

Amber said...

Oh man- you are so busy!!! i can totally relate though to the whole basic scrap supply AND the cramped condo thing- um... sort of in the same boat now! lol
miss ya tons- i've tried calling and texting- but no answer.... call me when you get the ya!

Tam said...

Just thinking about YOU guys! UPDATE soon and let us know how you all know me I am sort of an internal worry wart!

KSmith said...

Got good news for you and your scrapping supplies: ARCHIEVERS and HOBBY LOBBY are in the area and you can get ANYTHING you need....seriously awesome places!!!

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