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....why does Barbie dress so sleezy?!

Now, I am sure you are thinking, "What the heck?!"

Well, you'd understand if you've met my little angel. You see, when she had her 1st Halloween, she was only 10 months old. Of course, she had no choice, her Halloween
outfit was completely up to her momma. (that's me)

Well, considering I had a bee costume that ALL 3 of her brothers had worn at one time or another, so of course, she HAD TO wear that. The problem? Well, it was clearly a boyish bee costume! (You see, it all started when Logan was a baby...he was called "busy bee" by my mom and my dad. So, when I saw the bee costume, I knew he had to have it.) Well, down thru the years, the costume was passed down.

So, I did what any crafty, scrapbooking mom would do.....I remade the costume and ramped it up a few notches to the girly side! Alterations included, ribbons added to both sleeves and, making them into a ruched look. Then, black lace which actually had a bee pattern weaved into it was added to the bottom of the legs. I sewed a tulle skirt that went around the costume and made a fantastic bee crown and my darling was the Princess Bee. (the direct descendant of the Queen Bee...ME!)
Don't you just love her crown, bee antennae and her matching bracelet w/ bee charm?
(again...all made by me!)

Fast forward to Marinne's 2nd Halloween. She was 22 months old.

In the interest of being money start...I had purchased and adorable and
SUPER GIRLY good witch costume on clearance at W-Mart for like $3 on clearance! Yay me! So, as Halloween approached, I pulled it out to try it on the Princess and although, she was wiggly, I got it on her and it was perfect. (and Adorable!) But, she was very vocal, that she didn't like it. "No Mommy. No dress."

Well, GREAT..... (but I honestly thought she'd change her mind when she
saw her brothers dressing up and she'd go with it.


She refused to wear it....

No Mommy. No dress. NO THAT DRESS!

So, this is what she wore...and you can see...she was not happy, either way!

So, as Marinne's 3rd Halloween approached, I was really getting excited. Within the past year, she had really started showing a preference of PINK, PINK, PINK and GIRLY! So, I was really looking forward to costume shopping.

So, after checking out the offerings at every single store in town, we ended back up at W-Mart. I really loved all the beautiful, super girly costumes. I especially love the Fairy costumes, but she wouldn't have anything to do with them. Finally, she picks a costume that was smooshed up and even missing the paper that shows you "what it is" and declared, "This is the one I want to be!"

Well, I still don't know WHAT it was, but she did look cute!
What was she anyway?

A Fairy?

A Butterfly?

I'm still not sure. But, she loved it! So, that's all that matters!

So...fast forward to this year.

We started looking at costumes as soon as they hit the stores.

And as the days went on, every time I went to ANY store with costumes, I'd take her and the boys to look. (well, Logan thinks he's too big...so, he was just along for the shopping!) And the bigger boys were quick to form their dress up opinions...but Marinne would commit to nothing!

Finally, about 10 days before Halloween....she made a choice.
It was a blue Princess Dress. The problem? It was 1 size too big. But, it was the only one and she really insisted that was the only one that would do. So, we bought it and I figured I'd just take it in so it would work.

Then, suddenly, 4 days before Halloween.....She no longer wanted to be a Princess!

She NOW wanted to be a Mermaid.
(she has been a bit obsessed with Mermaids and fish lately...I blame Barbie again. They have recently released some new Mermaid Barbies. And between that and the Dora Mermaid merchandise, specifically in the form of little girl panties...
she wants to be a mermaid.

So, we looked everywhere in town for a Mermaid outfit....with NO luck.
(all I could find were size 8-10 or bigger...Marinne wears 5T)

So, finally, after one last trip out....Marinne picks out a $30 Barbie Cheerleader outfit. It's Hot Pink and it's sparkly....what's not to love?!

Let me just tell you.....it should have been name Barbie the inappropriate cheerleader!

For heaven's sake, I had to get a size 4-6 because that's all they had.
(my point is...it was actually bigger than her actual size.)

Well, we took it home and tried it on my sweet little baby was showing off

Like 3-4 inches of middriff!
So...my immediate job was to figure out what she'd be wearing under it.

And then, I had to decide how I was going to keep it ON her, because it was too big!

So...moving on to Halloween!

On Halloween Day, I decided to take Marinne Trick-Or-Treating at one of our local malls. So, when I went to dress Marinne in her cheerleader outfit....she wouldn't do it. Seriously! She kept telling me she was "scared" of it. Argh! So glad I spent that $30 on it!!! Ha ha! So, I said, "Ok, we don't have to go. And she brought her last years "unnamed" outfit and said, "I want to wear this"...so that's what she did!

Although, this has been in the dress up box for the past year and you can see that the headband, which she INSISTED she HAD TO wear...was no delapidated. So I took the remaining tulle pieces and tied them in the back of her hair and put the headband on w/ out the tulle ribbons on it! Little Stinker!!!!

We did this....but the mall was much smaller than I had thought...and it didn't take too long. For that matter...you can see that some of the "candy people" weren't being too friendly, so we got out of there!!
(she looks grumpy, huh?)

So, then we went across the street and went Trick-Or-Treat at Daddy's tv station.

(mainly because I wanted her daddy to see
she was not wearing the $30 barbie outfit!)

I slipped daddy a lollipop to put in Miss M's Princess bucket!

(don't worry Big Daddy, I knew you wouldn't be prepared, so I got your back!)

On to the BIG NIGHT............

Who knew it was possible...at the last minute she decided to be the
Barbie Cheerleader! (I swear...this child is gonna kill me!) :)
PS....nice cheezy smile!
(and since I took the pictures in the dark...I couldn't see her expression!)

And mommy did her part to return the inappropriate costume back to something appropriate for a 3 year old to wear on Halloween! Yay mommy!

Honey was a Star Wars Guy of some importance.
Don't ask me which one...I have no clue.
Something like an Imperial, Grand Storm Trooper something or other!
All I know is that he's stinkin' cute!

Jensen recycled last years Ninja outfit.
(notice his hole in the knee of his pants....this has been a well-loved "dress-up" outfit)
The only thing added was some new killer Ninja swords that were on his back!

I wonder how much longer he'll still want to dress up. He just turned 10.
Next year he'll be 11. (i know you can do math...i'm just talking to myself!) Anyway, last year Logan turned 11 and he determined he was "too big" to dress-up. But, he was also in 6th grade at 11. Jensen will be in 5th grade next year. I guess we'll see.

Speaking of Logan...he didn't dress up....and every single time I tried to snap his picture he zoomed away on his scooter that he spent a few days trickin' out with LCD lights so it would be lit while we went around T or T'ing. So, I have no pic. (stinker!)

Daddy came home from work early.....and in about 45 minutes hung orange lights in both trees, put up the spider web stuff, put "woody" aka Jason
out on the porch and intalled the black light and the strobe lights w/ scary sounds on! Not bad for a quickie decorating job!

(Well..Woody was made last year. The boys and Big Daddy made him. He's made of 2x4's and old clothes, shoes and a hockey mask. He has a machete' but it fell. And this year a girl told me they weren't coming because they thought Woody was real! They were convinced he was gonna jump out and scare the fire out of them!

I love the random Trick-or-Treating picture....

And I had to include this one for a few reasons:
#1 - It's like the big brothers are one on each side of sister, protecting her.

#2 - It kills me how M is actually looking into the house like, "where are you?"

#3 - And lastly, click on the picture to make it big and notice the giant safety pin I used to hook M's skirt to her shirt, so it wouldn't fall off. Now, that's classy! :)

And I had to include of this one of the wicked decorations on this house around the corner from us....how cool is this?!?!
Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Halloween!!!!


Tam said...

PRINCESS is so grown!! OOOOO so grown!

LOVEd all the pics Roxy

Tam said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay, go ahead and get used to it because that's the life of a girl-mom...sorry! ;) (I love it)

Arielle said...

They're all so cute!

Stacia Howard said...

Oh how stinkin cute! All years! And yes I agree about that Barbie is turned into a slut! They should have kept her with Ken! lol

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