Saturday, November 22, 2008

*Paper Mache'*

Curses to the 4th Grade teacher who made us do the Paper Mache' project!!!!!!!! Yes, Jensen had an assignment to make a paper mache' animal based on one of the animals from the book, Bunnicula. So, his choices were a cat, a dog or a bunny. Jensen chose the cat, of course. (his favorite) And yes, it was his assignment, you know who was in charge of this project. Ya, me! (Big Daddy was in until the going got rough.)

So, with no paper mache' experience...I had no real clue what to do. but, I hate Elmer's glue, so I was hoping we could avoid that. Thank Goodness for Google! I quickly learned that flour and water could be used to make a "glue." And that sounded good to me. So, we began to cut strips of paper and mixing up the glue. And then the FUN began!

And by FUN...I mean we needed to Paper Mache' each other!!
Serious mess!

The drying cat base.... made from 2 balloons, some toilet paper tubes, newpapers, masking tape and the flour/water glue. It took over 24 hours for this thing to dry!!! Talk about down to the wire!! And then, the painting... And finally, "Chester the Cat" is finished!
(after 3 days work!)
Not bad, if I say so myself!!!


jamietg said...

Oh he's cute as heck...very chocolatey. :)

Tam said...

The CATE is so cute....but please tell ME that I NEVEER have to DO something like that! IF one of the Natives has to do that I WILL FLY TO YOU AND WELL THAT IS ONE WAY TO GET ME ON A PLANE TO SEE YOU. YEPPERS...don't make me paper Mache....

Beth said...

Great cat - looks like you both had fun.

Suzanne said...

Wow. That turned out great.

Kara said...

wow! jensen TOTALLY looks like you. :] and i mean that in a good way.
awesome cat! you rocked the mache project. what a good mama you are!

Tam said...

OMG NOPE I did not notice because the pic was so small until it showed up today...I preposted this over a week ago....LOL LOL LOL HMMM I might have to fix that lol lol

Debs said...

hi :)
found your blog from emilie's so hope you dont mind me commenting! love the cat! you have a talent going there! ;)

Stacy said...

Oh my Heck!! You brave soul...been there, done that...never again!!!

Stacy said...

Oh....Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and the Family!!

Tam said...

HEY Happy Thanksgiving from Songville!!!!

ybus said...

what a fun project and it turned out great!

we just played with paper mache last week and yes it's a mess and takes forever to dry.

thanks for sharing!


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