Saturday, December 6, 2008

The season for Birthdays!!!

For those keeping track, Jensen just had a birthday in October, Griffin's is in November and Marinne's is in December. It's a very busy time for us!
(and obviously, you can see that Big Daddy and I must be super amorous in the Spring...just like the woodland animals!! Hee hee hee!!)

So, this child had his Sixth Birthday in mid-November.
Logan made him this birthday was a layered cake and it didn't work out so well.
(at least it tasted good!)

Some facts about Griffin at 6 years old....
...He's 75%-ile on weight and height.
...He is funny, always keeping us laughing.
...According to his Kindergarten teacher, he's absolutely perfect!
(exactly where he needs to be in school!)
...He has a crush on Miss Anderson, his Kindergarten teacher.
...He has a wild imagination for story-telling!
(He told me he had a substitute teacher one day because Miss Anderson bazooka barfed in the computer lab and had to go home....that DID NOT happen!
But, believe you me, his story was quite convincing!)
...His favorite color is green. Especially bright green.
...His favorite food is pizza.
...He is a *FANTASTIC* KID!!!!!!!

Make a wish, Big 6 Year Old!
The birthday hat came from Miss Anderson at school!

The cake gets the big *thumbs up* from Griffin!!


Tam said...

Rox HE is so BIG...what happened to the BABY I knew...WHAT???

LOOK at that SMILE...HE LOOKS LIKE YOU...INfact I think HIM and M look the MOST alike~! It is funny though L, G and M look lots alike but esp. G and M...but J...well HE looks more like BIG DADDY I think.

WOODLAND ANIMALS....toooo funny!!!!!

HUGS and ALL thinking about YOU TONS TONS AND TONS!!!!

Karen said...

Happy birthday to everyone! I can't believe how big they all are...then again...Andrew is 2 1/2 and I remember sitting in my kitchen designing his birtday announcement with you...wasn't it two weeks ago?
So...tell me all about selling the house...what's going on?

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH MY!!! He is so adorable!!!!

Stacy said...

No way he is that old now!!

I love that cake!! he precious!!

Hugs to you,sweetie...miss you


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