Monday, December 15, 2008


.....this is my current state of being. NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!

I absolutely CANNOT believe that we move to OHIO in 4 days!!!!!

It's been a crazy last few weeks! And it's been very hard to keep up everything on my blog updated. (sorry about that!) But, parts of it I couldn't help. For instance, I couldn't let on that Big Daddy was interviewing for new jobs....because that could have jeopardized his job here. So, I had to keep my mouth shut. (which believe VERY hard for me to do!! Just ask my dad....I'm famous for it!)

This morning it's 3.7degrees here in KS. The wind chill is -17 below. And it snowed last night. As a parent, I think that's reason enough to cancel school....but alas, the kids still have school. Ridiculous, in my book! I think if it's single digits, then school should be cancelled! But, that's because I don't want my babies to be chilled to the bone!

The house is on the market for one week tomorrow. We had one showing the first day, but nothing since. (although, the realtor says we've had some hits online that have asked for more info....) I was disappointed we didn't score any showings on Sunday. But, it is a week and 1/2 before Christmas, so I don't know why I am surprised. Hopefully, it will sell w/in a few months!!! PRAY that it will. A house sitting on the market 850 miles away, will be a HUGE stressor again (since we just did this less than 2 years ago....that time, the house in GA was on the market 6 months! OUCH!!) I just want it to sell, so we can get a house in Ohio quickly.

As most days leading up to this move, I have a busy one today. I have a doctors appointment in 52 minutes at 8am. Then, we have the Chem-Dry carpet cleaners coming at 10am, so the fun part of that is keeping Miss Priss out off the way while the give the carpets a once over. Then, at lunchtime, I have a meeting at Logan's school with the school Psychologist to get his "gifted" testing records, so we have them before we go. This should help make his transition a bit easier!

I start packing/loading tomorrow. It's hard to decide what we absolutely need to take NOW and what can wait until our next trip home to officially MOVE. But, bottom line, it doesn't really matter, as long as there is Target and our family is together. Things don't matter, but THAT does.

Alas, due all this crazy, I probably won't get Christmas cards done....and I'm taking some time off from my scrappin' DT's. It's hard on me. Because it's such a huge part of me. But, I am thankful that I work for some super understanding people. (can you believe I haven't scrapped in over a month!!!!!) I miss it so.

And speaking of scrappin'....I owe everybody my final "travel" update from the CKC-Seattle show. I really need to get that on here. I promise to try to do it very soon!!! (as if I don't have other things to do...)

And last but not least....I miss you guys! I hope everyone is doing GREAT!




Karen said...

How do the kids feel about the move? I hope they are ok. I'm sure you've sent Santa the correct address change forms?
*Hugs* - thinking about you!

Tam said...

FOUR DAYS YOU MOVE??? O MY GOODNESS that is major QUICK! Have you been able to find a place? Where will you guys stay until the house sells? I will be praying...I hope MG puts you guys UP in temporary housing that ROCKS??? OOOO MG...makes me home sick! Take a breath and just go with the flow and it will be OK

jamietg said...

GO get 'em Tiger! Btw, I'll be holding you to Amber's standards since she has the same number of kids which means you better be up and blogging to let us know you made it no longer than a week after you move. The clock's tickin' missy! ;)
Love you, be calm okay? I'm praying for peace for you.

Stacia Howard said...

Good luck with the move! I miss your wonderful posts but totally understand you are super busy!

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